I’m Ready to Quit My Job YESTERDAY, How Do I Do It?

Stressed out with your job?

Are your boss, coworkers, or workload turning you into an angry lava person?

Okay, enough playing around. I’m willing to bet that you’re either upset with your job, or, given the way the economy has been going lately, you’re out of a job, either temporarily or for the foreseeable future if you don’t do something.

But then the thought enters your mind: “What if I don’t do anything to go back to the workforce? What if instead, I try to get something better? What if I try this making money online stuff I’ve heard about?

If that’s you, stick around.

If you’re looking to quit your job (or never go back to the one you left) and make money the smart way, the one that doesn’t leave you feeling drained every day, I’ve got you covered. I’ll show you how, show you exactly what I did.

“Work Harder, Little Sheep!”

I’m sure you’ve met people who hold the attitude that if you want more in life, you just have to work harder. I think that’s a brutal oversimplification. In fact, it’s pretty easily disproved when you look at the world and job market.

It’s sad but true: people are making less money for more work than they ever have before. Wages compared to inflation continue to worsen, and you don’t have to look far to find scandals about how businesses treat their employees or how unethical they are behind the scenes.

Forget about financial freedom for a second. Forget about making money while sitting on your couch, playing touch football with friends, or suntanning at the beach. All the cliche laptop-life imagery. Just put it to the side for a second.

Let’s just consider the moral and psychological benefits of not supporting the massive, unethical structure that is the average large company.

I think that’s pretty cool. And I think that in general, more people doing what you’re thinking about, making money online, is a good thing for the entire world.

But you get it, I’m sure. You’re intelligent, because intelligent people look for new opportunities. They know there’s a breadth of ways to make a living and succeed, so some must definitely be easier and more rewarding than others.

Let’s learn how to pick the best of them all and master it for yourself.

The Three Pillars of Online Independence

Making money online is a broad topic. In fact, it might be the broadest. You’ll find advice like going on Amazon Turk and getting paid a penny every few minutes to push a button or type a word into a box. Easy, but pays peanuts. You’ll also find advice like becoming a consultant to corporations. Pays a lot, but it’s really hard to get a client.

The best way of making money is somewhere in the middle, and it’s balanced by three key pillars that you NEED to embrace and build for yourself if you want to succeed.

Here are the three things you need to be, or need to make yourself, in order to make the most money online.

Have only one of these? You’ve got a real chance. Have all three? You will succeed.

Pillar #1: Skilled

You might have heard the phrase “skills pay the bills” and it’s true, but some are better than others. These we’ll call high-income skills. These are skills that:

1: You can charge a lot of money for

2: Can be learned without spending 4+ years in school.

3: Require practice and dedication more than technical knowledge

4: Not many people know about, or know their potential

5: Are things that any business could benefit from.

A great example is copywriting. Being a good copywriter will take effort if you don’t have a background in writing, but once you know how to convince people with words, how to drive their emotions and get them hurrying to contact you, click your link, visit your website, download your product, buy from you, then every business is going to want someone like you helping them get more customers.

And that’s just one example of a high-income skill. Having MULTIPLE high-income skills is the best foundation toward striking out on your own, especially if you’re aiming to directly sell products and/or build a personal brand. But in general, developing more and further advanced high-income skills will leave you much better off.

Pillar #2: Smart

While having skills is awesome, sometimes people will oversell that aspect. There’s more to life than having a high-income skill and working like crazy at it.

I believe in working as little as I have to, while still making as much money as possible and being happy with the way I did it. That’s what I mean by being smart, by doing things the smart way.

Being smart about how you make money online means that you:

1: Make more money than others in your niche

2: Have enough free time on the side to live your personal life however you want

3: Are excited and proud of what you do, happy to tell others about it.

You usually get smart about online money making through experience, just like in any other pursuit in life. Don’t get down and discouraged if you don’t feel savvy or familiar with this world yet, because it’s going to take time. You’ll get there, if you stick around, but it really is going to take some time.

Which leads us to…

Pillar #3: Strong

This is the most important of the pillars, in a way. Particularly to beginners. It also pisses me off when marketers for money-making products don’t explain this sort of thing to their customers. It’s deceptive how much the word “easy” is used in marketing. It’s kind of lost its meaning.

It doesn’t mean anything when someone tells you something is easy, without further context.

You see, easy only means you can do it on a literal, mechanical level. Whether someone has the mental strength to do it, dealing with the implications and self-doubt, is entirely different.

I’ve learned from at least ten major gurus in the money making industry, and I’ll be the first to admit that much of my time spent under their wings was useless.

And that was MY fault. I wasn’t emotionally in the right head-space to strike out and really try the stuff I was paying to be taught.

Have you ever had that happen to you? You get all excited about a course, product, tool, whatever, believe it’ll change your life once you start using it, then you buy it and as you get involved in how it works, the excitement fades and you quietly give up on it?

That’s what most people do with paid products, unfortunately. Products that can’t be consumed or used up, that are meant to be used as a stepladder to improve your life, that’s just a lot of pressure for the average person.

What if it doesn’t work out even if you try your hardest? What does that say about you? And so you do nothing. Buying something that can help you, that was the easy part, but applying yourself and truly making it work is where winners are forged.

Buying is way more fun than trying.

The fear of failure is much stronger than the average person’s motivation to succeed, even though it should be the other way around.

So really, I can’t stress enough that aside from getting the right tools and finding a reliable method, that you also continuously build your mental strength.

Anyone with poor mental strength, someone who isn’t able to deal with failure, or discipline themselves into doing the work every day, is not going to make it in this field. You can take that to the bank.

If you’re a very shy and introverted person, that’s fine, but it might help if you reach out a little at a time as you build your empire, getting more accustomed to communicating with partners and fans of what you do. You’ll see that it’s really not that bad.

If you’re addicted to immediate results and instant gratification, I would strongly suggest mapping out your next few months and following a smart, sensible plan. Take time to reflect on how each of your days have been before you go to bed. Meditation is not just for groovin’ oldies down at the park, it’s a real way to calm your mind and emotions so that you are more resilient and more positive.

This is a very broad topic, but it’s so important as a pillar of your success in online income, of all types.

Because if you can’t keep a positive outlook, you will fail. I guarantee it. No unhappy, generally negative person just stumbled upon a high income working online. It’s never happened.

Other aspects of being strong include:

1: Resisting shiny-object-syndrome, the urge to buy or try something new before you’ve given something else your full attention

2: Listening and internalizing lessons from training, and not distorting or misunderstanding them due to personal bias

3: Being willing to focus on a single method and give it an honest chance of working for you.

There’s so much I can (and will) talk about in relation to this pillar in the future, but rest assured that anyone ignores it at their own loss.

The Reality

Look, I’ll never pretend that making money online is easier than getting a job. If it was, we’d have the opposite kind of society that we have. Most people would make money online, and people breaking free of that to reliably get a paycheck from a business would be the weirdos doing something new. 😉

But just because something isn’t as easy as job hunting doesn’t mean it doesn’t:

1: Offer real results in a short amount of time that you can scale

2: Lead to far greater upward potential for earnings than the typical job

3: Lead you to being both a stronger and more fulfilled person.

You need to develop high-income skills, find the smart ways of using them to maximum benefit, and strengthen yourself, all over time. It’s not going to happen overnight.

Learn to trust the process, and more than that, learn to enjoy it. Every day, you are closer to your first sale, which is closer to your first $10,000 month, and after that, it’s up to you.

I didn’t make this about any specific type of money-making methods, like affiliate marketing, dropshipping, or selling products. The method really doesn’t matter. The type of industry you’re interested in really doesn’t matter.

EVERYONE trying to make money on the internet needs a solid foundation of these three pillars.

Hope that was useful to you. More articles to come diving deeper into these pillars, so keep an eye open.



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