REVIEW: One Minute Traffic Machines

I knew I’d be back! The Rhodes brothers do not disappoint.

What is it: a several-hour-long video program teaching you how to get free traffic from just a few minutes of work per day. Similar to One Minute Free Traffic, but using a different method.

What it costs: $99 (discounts available, scroll down for information)

My rating: 97/100 (Outstanding, Must-Have)

You may be wondering: is One Minute Traffic Machines a scam?

Is the product it’s closely related to, One Minute Free Traffic, a scam?

Click here to get the answer to the second question, but put simply, no. One Minute Free Traffic was fantastic, but it also punted my expectations into the sky. I honestly expected this to just be a more in-depth take on One Minute Free Traffic with a few new tools or tricks, sold as its own thing. But no, I was blown away all over again.

Let’s be clear: One Minute Traffic Machines is NOT the same as One Minute Free Traffic. One doesn’t build upon the lessons learned in the other; they’re completely separate things, and yet they work together if you’re the type to capitalize on them both.

First things’s first: these names are too similar. To clear this up, I will only abbreviate One Minute Traffic Machines as OMTM. I will not be abbreviating One Minute Free Traffic at all. Hopefully that helps!

What Is One Minute Traffic Machines?

In my review of One Minute Free Traffic, I talked about Matt and John Rhodes, teachers and masters of a method for getting free traffic to a website that was incredibly simple, did not require advanced skills or technical knowledge, was not limited to a certain type of business, could be done in 30 minutes a day or less, and yes, was absolutely free to do.

I bought it, learned it, loved it, and use it every day. It works TOO well.

So why were my expectations for One Minute Traffic Machines (NOT the same as One Minute Free Traffic!) even higher?

Because now the claims are getting crazy.

Matt and John aren’t just saying that OMTM will get you lots of scaleable, free traffic from small, consistent amounts of effort that anyone could do. No, that was already covered in One Minute Free Traffic. This goes beyond that.

I’ll make this really simple with a comparison chart. I’ve highlighted the most important differences in BOLD. Including the names. 😉

  • Teaches a specific free traffic-getting method
  • Very short (can be looked through in an hour or so)
  • No significant skills needed, more about consistency and investing regular time.
  • The method can be used only to generate traffic. It does not generate money by itself.
  • Once learned and mastered, can be integrated into One Minute Traffic Machines for even better results.
  • Mostly an informational product.
  • Comes with some useful bonuses, but nothing too crazy.
  • Will take a little outside work to implement into an online business model.
  • Teaches a DIFFERENT free traffic-getting method
  • Short (can be looked through in a day)
  • Teaches a basic skill/tactic that you regularly do AND can get better at to earn even more traffic.
  • The method literally MAKES YOU MONEY while also helping deliver traffic to your website.
  • Works on its own, but also works well as a spin-off of One Minute Free Traffic.
  • Informational and training/motivation product.
  • Bonuses just as valuable as the core product, if not more.
  • Has enough material to guide a noobie into forming their first traffic-heavy, money-making online business.

Get Paid to Grow Your Business?

Traffic is how your business grows, and everyone talks about paid traffic these days. Pay-per-click ads, banner ads, stuff like that. Paid traffic works for a lot of people. I still want to master that side of things.

But you know what really gets me excited? Being paid for getting traffic. A traffic method that is not only free, but also makes you money on the side.

Most businesses that sell things online function by getting visitors to their websites. Enough visitors show up, and eventually someone chooses to buy a product. That’s what traffic is for in most cases.

So when you have a way of directing niche, highly-targeted, interested buyers to your website, not just for free, but by getting paid to do it, it almost feels like cheating.

The videos in OMTM will teach you how to ethically cheat, picking out and highlighting every aspect of this simultaneous money-and-traffic-making method.

No Black Hat, No Spam, No Bull

Sorry, Bull.

My number one question for any online entrepreneur product, after “Does this actually work?”, is how slimy it is. Does it involve annoying people with spam emails or messages? Is it fake in any way? Deceptive? Would it be bad if lots and lots of people were doing it?

How embarrassed would I feel if my grandma asked me how it worked, and I told her the complete truth?

Questions like that are important to me, and likely to you as well. Not many people like making money through dirty methods that make the internet worse for everybody. And if you do, leave. I don’t want you here, and this product is useless to someone like you anyway.

If you do consider these questions important, though, I’m happy to say that OMTM is just as white-hat, reputation friendly, and good-karma as One Minute Free Traffic.

The method taught is all about giving value and making people’s lives better. It just so happens that this method of doing those things also happens to be KILLER for getting high amounts of free traffic to your website. Everybody wins.

INCREDIBLE Business-Building Bonuses

Sometimes a great product seems like it’s worth buying, but then after you take the risk and buy it, it’s the bonuses that make you say “Okay, this was SO worth it.”

OMTM is a great example of bonuses equaling or even outshining the core product, so let’s take a minute to cover them. They are:

1: Canva Follow-Along Training Videos: I’ll be honest, I’m already a trained graphic designer, so I haven’t looked into this yet. But Canva is a powerful graphic design tool. It’s free to use, very beginner friendly, and the videos are meant to teach you how to do stuff like logo design, book cover design, basically anything you could ever want visually for a website or online products. There are 32 videos of training, adding up to almost 3 hours of content. Best of all, you can even make extra money by doing other people’s graphic design work for them. I consider basic graphic design a high-income skill, so this is worth checking out at least for the experience. If someone were new to graphic design and wanted to get work in that area, or just be good at it, I would recommend OMTM literally just for this. I trust the Rhodes brothers’ method of teaching. Short, simple, segmented into brief lessons, but thorough.

2: OMTM Text Transcripts: This is for if you’d rather read one or more of the trainings than watch or listen to them. This is fine. I have critiques on it later in the review, but it’s an acceptable way of absorbing the content. It is the weakest of the bonuses, though. In my opinion, it’s the kind of thing that doesn’t need to be a bonus to begin with. That wasn’t the case with One Minute Free Traffic. Sorry guys!

3: OMTM Case Studies: When you’re getting started with something new, it really helps to know that you aren’t alone, that others stood at the same place that you were and made it work. This file includes 6 inspiring cases of different people operating different online businesses, and all major success stories thanks to the method learned in OMTM.

4: Insider Look PDF: This is awesome for right after you’ve watched the training. It’ll walk you through everything in just a step-by-step format with some handy tips, all written by a real person who succeeded with the OMTM method. There’s also some information in there that the Rhodes Brothers do not mention in the training itself.

5: Four-Hour Outsourcing: The only possible downside to the best free traffic methods is that they take time and consistent effort. But what if you could pay someone else to do them for you, at an affordable enough rate that you still turn a substantial profit? This bonus has everything you need to know about outsourcing not just the OMTM work, but any tasks your business needs to thrive. Outsourcing is awesome, but if you do it wrong, you’ll end up miserable and broke. For helping smart entrepreneurs avoid those landmines, this bonus is fantastic, and another resource I’d happily pay the price for, ignoring everything else.

6: Secret Facebook Group Access: As is often the case with products like these, you get to join a secret Facebook group of customers, and everybody helps each other out. Sadly, the group is a little small, as tends to be the case with entrepreneur product customer hangouts. I’m sure it’ll grow over time.

That’s only half the list of bonuses, so let’s stop here and save time. They definitely lead with the best ones, but even the rest are useful, and some of the ones I’ve listed above are worth the purchase price alone.

Moral of the story, One Minute Traffic Machines is…

Even Higher Value Than One Minute Free Traffic

You saw the comparison above. You saw the bonuses. I think it’s easy to see, even with just that basic explanation, that OMTM is higher value than One Minute Free Traffic. Especially taking into account the bonuses.

So why the heck are they the same price? Good question. I honestly don’t know. In either case, both are severely underpriced for the POWER and knowledge they offer to a dedicated entrepreneur, so OMTM is an even better deal.

I’m not kidding when I say that OMTM and One Minute Free Traffic work best when bought and implemented together, but if you really are dead set on only buying one, get OMTM. Especially if you’re a fairly new player in the whole entrepreneur, making money online world. It’s the perfect combination of a valuable tool you can use once you learn it, the motivation to get started and stick it out, and powerful insider knowledge to scale up into the big leagues.

One Minute Free Traffic is a great product that can handle one of the most key aspects of online business, but One Minute Traffic Machines expands beyond with an even stronger traffic-getting method and related tools and info to build a simple, but effective online business from scratch.

If you want something you can buy and follow to make money online, without buying any other courses, tools, books, seminars, etc. then I recommend OMTM over One Minute Free Traffic. Both are good, but OMTM really functions as a full package for anyone willing to get started.

Negatives of One Minute Traffic Machines

Nothing is perfect, so I’ll go ahead and list a couple of light quibbles with OMTM:

Video transcripts. If you like to read more than listen to or watch a video, the video to text transcripts are a little hard to read and not formatted much. I had the same complaint with OMFT, and it’s not a deal-breaker by a long shot. Watch the videos, and you’ll be fine.

There’s also some tiny bonuses I didn’t mention because it starts to stretch the meaning of the word. At worst, they’re basic stuff like plugins that you’re told to use, that you might have not known about otherwise. But most of the bonuses are real, deep content that teach you very important things.

When you add it up together, it’s insanely high value-for-money, but that’s the thing with competitive markets like making money online. The sellers who stand out are the ones who pack the most value into the lowest price.

How to Get OMTM for the Price of a Cheese Grater

Similar to One Minute Free Traffic, One Minute Traffic Machines costs $99 at standard price, but also goes on discounts, usually down to $12. Given everything I’ve covered, what more is there to say, after revealing that price?

As I’ve said before, though, there’s no guarantee on when it’ll be discounted, or if they ever discount it again after they stop. These kinds of products usually stop getting discounted and raise their base price over time.

I strongly recommend anyone looking to build their online presence and get traffic to check out One Minute Traffic Machines. Be an action taker. Check if it’s discounted and if it is, go for it! Even if it’s not, the value of learning this stuff and getting started earlier is worth the price.

Overall rating: 97/100. Outstanding, Must-Have.

Learn more and see if OMTM is currently discounted HERE.

More reviews and posts on the way! Cheers!


P.S. Wants to see more? Here’s a good video review by someone else.

P.P.S. Feeling overwhelmed? Click here to see the product that got me started making money online.


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