REVIEW: List Warrior

I feel like I’m doing a service with this one! Read on to find out why.

What is it: a several-hour-long video program teaching you how to build an email list in a way that costs nothing or little to nothing and adds up quickly. Think One Minute Free Traffic or One Minute Traffic Machines, but instead of getting traffic, it’s about getting email subscribers for your online business.

What it costs: $299 (discounts available, scroll down for information)

My rating: 95/100 (Outstanding, Must-Have)

You may be wondering: is List Warrior a scam?

I’ve reviewed a couple Rhodes Brothers internet marketing products so far, and as per those, I can safely say “No, it’s not a scam.” Far from it, actually.

For beginners to list building, like me, List Warrior was one of the most powerful tools I ever invested in to overcome the initial hurdle of building an email list. It teaches something simple, but powerful, reliable, and still lesser-known, to build a list.

An advanced online marketer with a strong list already might not find this a game changer, but it’s still a handy opportunity.

To be clear: List Warrior is not some product that teaches the theory behind building an email list. This product focuses on one secret method that most people do not know about. And if they do, they don’t see the key to its potential.

If you take the tips and information inside List Warrior seriously, you’ll have a one-and-done tactic to go from 0 to 10,000 subscribers in a matter of months.

Just be warned, List Warrior is all about list BUILDING, not list marketing. I have a recommendation for email marketing, and there are some bonuses that sort of get into the theory behind sending effective marketing emails in here, but in general, List Warrior will teach you how to build a huge list, not so much how to use that list to make money. Think of it as a 75/25 ratio of list building to email marketing.

If you’re stumped on how to build a substantial email list (which for me is 1,000+ real, interested subscribers), List Warrior will leave you satisfied, not even counting the incredible wealth of bonuses.

I’ll get into my own personal experience with List Warrior shortly, but for the sake of total honesty: I am still new to using the techniques, but I’m loving it. Let me explain why that is.

What Happens When You Don’t Have an Email List

I quit my first job and got laid off from my second. Both sucked, and it was around that time that I decided to try the whole making money online game.

As an online businessperson, I quickly learned the value of operating in multiple niches, diversifying my income potential. One of the first niches I operated in was copywriting consultation. I had to build a profile of myself as someone who knew copywriting and who could offer advice to businesses that would leave them better off. But even in that type of business, I soon learned that without email, I had a lot of trouble getting consistent work.

The reason why email is so powerful is because, even decades after it was invented, it is still the most popular app in the world. Doesn’t matter your age, the device you use, nothing. You probably have an email account and probably check it at least once a day.

It doesn’t matter what kind of online plan you have to make money. If your competitors have a list of 10,000 people who they email every week, 35% of which open each email on average, that’s a level of push-button, instant gratification traffic that can’t be beat. A good email list is more reliable for money-making and online success than social media, paid ads, you name it.

But at the same time, as if a cruel twist of fate, the most powerful tool is also the hardest to craft for yourself.

The Nightmare of Building a List

List building is hard. Very, very hard.

If you haven’t tried building an email list for your online business, you need to get started on one. Email marketing, while not the singular choice it once was, still contributes a massive portion of eCommerce sales. Email, when done right, becomes a reliable, trusted marketing medium that connects you to potentially millions of people, if you continue to build your list.

Email marketing is at that special intersection of difficulty, where it’s very difficult, but borderline mandatory to succeed as an online entrepreneur at the same time.

That can lead to a lot of stress when you focus on trying to build and market to a list. I know personally.

That’s why I’m a lot less stressed these days, now that I’m building my list for a thirtieth of the effort I was making before, thanks to List Warrior.

Why does this method work so well? For one thing, it taps into people’s psychology. I can’t say too much, but I’ll put it like this: there are a lot of ways to give value and become well known online, but some pay off better than others. List Warrior teaches the best value-giving methods for building a list.

That means you don’t annoy people, trick them, lie to them, steal their email address, or any other nonsense. You don’t hold a valuable “free” gift for ransom to make them subscribe either, like most online marketers.

It’s a method that causes people to subscribe to your list, by choice. Note that word, cause. Not force, not mislead, not even persuade, cause. It’s definitely the most natural and psychologically pleasant way of building a list I’ve ever seen.

Why List Warrior Solved My Nightmare (And a Caveat)

List Warrior is about BUILDING a list, as in getting email subscribers. And that was the #1 problem for me. I am a trained copywriter, I know how to write emails that get people to buy, click, or do whatever. The challenge was always getting people onto a list, and more importantly, getting the RIGHT people, the ones who wanted what I was sending them and who stuck around instead of unsubscribing after a week.

If you’re wondering about how to actually send good emails that make subscribers click links and buy from you, there’s stuff in the course and bonuses that will help you.

However, it’s not the main subject of List Warrior. List building, that’s the ticket here. If you want to build a list, you really need to check this out. You’re dooming yourself to months, if not years, of banging your head against the wall otherwise. Take it from a guy with a head-shaped dent in his wall. πŸ˜‰

P.S. if you want an in-depth course intensely focused on the “sending good emails” side of things, I would strongly suggest Jason Capital’s email course, which I will be reviewing soon. πŸ˜‰

List Warrior Bonuses

Like many Rhodes Brothers marketing products, the truly impressive value comes in the form of the bonuses included with the main item. The bonuses included with List Warrior are:

List Warrior Advanced 100X: A guide on borrowing traffic through email partnerships. basically, it’s about building a joint venture/affiliate email list of people who sell for you. Particularly good for businesses launching a product, but can also work for affiliate marketing (the other side, as in having affiliates market your business for you).

Email Autoresponder Tutorials: An autoresponder is a scheduled set of emails that automatically send in response to a subscriber doing something. This is usually done as a welcome series of emails to new subscribers to prime them to buy stuff. This bonus includes downloadable video tutorials for setting up an autoresponder in MailChimp, Aweber, and GetResponse. If you’re totally new to email, I’d recommend it.

Free Funnel Review: So you set up your email funnel and autoresponder. How do you know for sure that your emails are going to work? Is there something missing? Did you overdo it a little on the selling? With this bonus, Matt and John Rhodes will take their time to personally overview your email funnel and tell you what’s working and what needs improvement. You couldn’t ask for more experienced email consultants.

4-Hour Outsourcing + Access Code: If there’s one thing I learned from the 4-Hour Work Week, it’s to outsource as soon as you have a functioning, money-making system. Outsourcing doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming, or frustrating, but it can be, if you aren’t careful about who you hire and you aren’t prepared to take up a little responsibility as a manager. This bonus includes in-depth but brief videos that will teach you everything you need to know about hiring someone to handle ALL the work involved in building an email list with List Warrior. You do NOTHING but rake in subscribers, which means you do nothing but rake in money (with a little management on the side, of course). The bonus includes an access code so your hired team member can see the full course and learn exactly what to do, from the horse’s mouth.

List Warrior Case Studies: Want to get really good at something? Find someone who succeeded and model from them. This bonus includes .pdf files with case studies of the biggest success stories of List Warrior customers. I find stuff like this helps a lot if you’re wondering how to make the tactic work within your niche. It’s easy to say “I don’t know if this will work, my niche is different.” But 99 times out of 100 it isn’t, really. Seeing how different people in totally different niches made it work helps open your third eye, so to speak.

There’s a ton more included, but it’s closely connected to the secret method taught in List Warrior, so I can’t get into too much detail. Needless to say, they give you absolutely everything you could ever need to make this list-building strategy work like gangbusters, and then some.

Cons of List Warrior

List Warrior does come with a few drawbacks, so let’s get into that now.

For one thing, some of the bonuses are out of date, referring to sites that have changed their rules or no longer exist. It’s only a tiny portion, however, and considering the size of the bonus pool, you’re still getting incredible value.

There’s also the matter of .pdf transcripts of the videos. This is a recurring thing with Rhodes Brothers products. They use speech to text dictation software to turn their videos into text transcripts and then barely edit them. It’s just not pleasant to read, so I would stick with watching the videos. Most people absorb information better in video form anyway, but I thought I’d mention it.

Do You Have to Spend Money to Use List Warrior’s Tactics?

You can, but I prefer to use free methods. Stay consistent and build semi-fast over the long term. But that’s just me, I’m kind of cheap in my marketing. I avoid paid methods to make anything work if I can. Paying in certain areas, if done intelligently, can work well, but it’s absolutely not mandatory to see big results.

How to Get List Warrior for the Cost of a Coffee Mug

I get it. $299 isn’t pocket change. It’s not like trying out a new restaurant at the risk of getting a bad meal. For most people, $299 is a serious amount of money. But I’ll tell you this: you may be able to get List Warrior for less.

The Rhodes Brothers tend to put their products on discounts for set periods. I’ve seen it go into not even a tenth of that price. But I cannot guarantee there is a discount going on, and I can’t guarnatte that if one has stopped, another will happen soon.

In this world of online products, people stay competitive through scarcity in price. That’s just the way it works. So if you want to get your email marketing handled, and you see List Warrior available at a discount, take the chance, be an action taker, and grab it.

Overall Rating: 95/100. Awesome.

Learn more about List Warrior and see if it’s currently discounted HERE.

Okay, I gotta make dinner. Thanks for reading! More product reviews and insight posts on the way!

P.S. Want more detail? Here’s a video review I found.

P.P.S. Feeling overwhelmed? Click here to see the product that got me started making money online.


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