REVIEW: Perfect Product Creation

The Rhodes brothers always name their products so well!

What is it: an hour-long video program teaching you how to build an awesome digital product, such as an online course or tool, regardless of your niche or whether you have experience in eCommerce. The program focuses on building and launching a great product that practically sells itself, getting you the maximum amount of buyers for your hard work.

What it costs: $297 (discounts available, scroll down for information)

My rating: 100/100 (Get It Now)

I’m a firm believer that out of everything in business, it’s the product that makes the most difference. A great product can sell well in spite of bad marketing and sales tactics, but no good selling tactics and marketing can save a dud. Even a mediocre product has an incredible uphill battle, especially when it’s a digital product. The internet is a high-competition marketplace.

Every online digital product market is full of mediocre offerings that appear, sit untouched after a very brief, very small buzz, and quietly die and vanish for good, having made no profit and helped no one. In many cases, a failed product launch is actually worse than that, because launching a great product can be costly, in terms of money, but especially in terms of time. To spend all that time and money for no satisfying return is a nightmare that many entrepreneurs have to face. But you don’t.

I cannot stand the idea of putting months of work into producing an amazing digital product, some perfect distillation of all my knowledge, or a tool I came up with and paid coders to design for me, all for that work and money to turn into peanuts for sales. It’s not happening.

Which is why I’m thrilled with what I learned in Perfect Product Creation.

Selling an Online Product Like Gangbusters

One of the most important breakthroughs for anyone selling digital products is that simpler is better. You do not need to create some enormous, 5-week-long, several-thousand dollar product to give value to the market and inspire sales. Sure, you can try that, but it’s typically better to go small, niche, and highly targeted.

You don’t have to over-complicate things. Even something as simple as a 15-page PDF, if it offers the right knowledge or other information to the right people, can sell extremely well, and continue selling for months or years. All for a few days (maybe only a few hours) of work on your part.

If you aren’t sure what I mean, look at my other reviews of Rhodes brothers products. Each one is not overly expensive, and is highly targeted toward a specific desire an entrepreneur would have (getting free traffic quickly, getting traffic automatically all the time, building an email list quickly, running a social media-powered business). You don’t have to be some genius with 20 years of experience, and you don’t need to make some behemoth product with a very broad scope.

This is why I tend to not be interested in the products of Eben Pagan. While I have nothing against the guy, his courses seem very large and very broad. It makes me worry that I’m not ready to take in and apply all that information, or that not all of it will be relevant to me.

So lesson number one is go granular and short with your digital products. You can always expand later, but start out small and simple. Perfect Product Creation teaches you how to do that, and how to get maximum results out of it, with two key points of attack:

1: Motivation and tips to get you working on your product and finished with it quickly.

2: A wealth of useful, proven tactics to market and launch your product, to ensure it gets sales and nets you a BIG positive return on investment.

You’ll get both of these things covered in PPC.

No Email List or Established Traffic Required

A lot of entrepreneurs I talk to, ones still fresh to the game and figuring things out, are trying to succceed without a large email list or established organic traffic source. And that’s fine, you can definitely sell products without those things (they help, that’s for sure). But if you go that route, you want to get every other variable lined up in your favor. Perfect Product Creation does this by showing you:

  • How to “future proof” your digital product so it doesn’t become obsolete in 6 months and irrelevant to the market.
  • How to make maximum utility out of every possible asset you could use (there’s more than you might think!).
  • A 100% Guaranteed Success Secret. If you do this, your product will get buyers, even if you’re completely new to a niche or completely new to online selling in general. Keep an eye out for video #13. This one was a breakthrough.
  • Creating mental shortcuts in your products that help more people buy them and avoid objections.

Many people have tried making and selling digital products. Ultimately, unless the product was somehow produced and never marketed at all, I believe that whether something succeeds or not comes down to the product’s quality. The product being worth its price is the #1 factor.

But you don’t have to work crazy hard or be a mastermind of your field to create the best product in your niche. Far from it.

There are certain, small, but essential and lesser-known factors in product creation that determine if a product is good enough. You may have a completely distorted idea of what makes a digital product high quality, just like I did before discovering PPC. Getting these little secret details right is the secret between a product that sells surprisingly well for how simple it is, and a product that promises the world and yet nobody seems to want.

PPC teaches you how to make a product that stands out from the crowd. And most importantly, that makes customers absolutely LOVE your product, so that they recommend it to others and become loyal fans who buy all your future products.

It’s not hard to do. You just need to know what specifically to do, and then do it.

Eventually, I would like to expand into offering my own digital products, most likely info-products or motivational content, and I have a lot more confidence in that thanks to PPC. I now realize that without this knowledge, I was on the wrong track, and my product probably would have failed if I hadn’t used these techniques.

What Bonuses Does Perfect Product Creation Come With?

The Rhodes Brothers combine a lot of valuable bonuses in with their products, and that’s as true with Perfect Product Creation as it is with One Minute Free Traffic, One Minute Traffic Machines, and List Warrior. Let’s go down the list, shall we?

  • PERFECT PRODUCT CREATION ADVANCED 100X: A three-video guide on using email with your digital products or other eCommerce assets to vastly multiply your earnings potential, passively. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know how I feel about passive income. I love it! If I can get only half as much money on a sale at first, but that sale is a subscription that passively rebills every week or month, I’ll take that deal every time. Passive income creates real, long-lasting peace of mind and the wealthy, abundance mentality every entrepreneur needs.
  • PERFECT PRODUCT CREATION ADVANCED PROFIT BOOSTING: Another video guide, this time about making profits selling products that you didn’t even create! Legally and ethically, of course.
  • PERFECT PRODUCT CREATION ADVANCED BOOSTER GROUP VIDEO: This bonus video guide teaches you how to use content networks to improve your email signup rate and sell even more products.
  • PERFECT PRODUCT CREATION ADVANCED BONUS VIDEO: Lastly, this bonus video guide lets you look at the exact email funnel that the Rhodes brothers use. If you’re going to model your success off somebody, pick people who hit it big! Of these first four bonuses, I recommend using them all together for maximum results.
  • Email Autoresponder Tutorials: These are video tutorials for setting up email autoresponders to get passive sales. There are videos for MailChimp, Aweber, and GetResponse (my personal recommendation is GetResponse, but they’re all good.)
  • PDF Transcripts: I’ve complained about the speech to text transcipts in other Rhodes brothers products, but oddly enough, these ones are pretty good. They’re easy to read and follow, possibly because the videos they’re transcribing are shorter.
  • Product Creation Tool Bundle: This is awesome. This PDF contains a huge list of useful products made to provide resources and streamline the process of creating your own product. Many of these I have never heard about before. For instance, there are free animation tools, eBook cover tools, infographic tools, and much more, all free.
  • Publishing Courses: How do these guys give away so much content? This bonus includes four separate courses, each one hours long, teaching how to create and launch successful products on Kindle, Skillshare, Udemy, and Amazon respectively. If you want to make some kind of information or training-based digital product, take a look at these.
  • 4-Hour Outsourcing + Access Code: If there’s one thing I learned from the 4-Hour Work Week, it’s to outsource as soon as you have a functioning, money-making system. Outsourcing doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming, or frustrating, but it can be, if you aren’t careful about who you hire and you aren’t prepared to take up a little responsibility as a manager. This bonus includes in-depth but brief videos that will teach you everything you need to know about hiring someone to handle ALL the work involved with product creation and product launching. The bonus includes an access code so your hired team member can see the full course and learn exactly what to do, from the horse’s mouth.
  • INFOPRODUCT EMPIRE 2.0: Finally, this bonus includes videos and templates teaching you how to establish an empire of digital infoproduct sales. Create a vast, efficient machine with you at the top. Other people make the products for you, market them, handle customer service, everything. All you do is come up with new product ideas (which this also teaches you how to do in virtually minutes of research).

Cons of Perfect Product Creation?

I’m always honest about the downsides to a product, even the little, nitpicky things. But this time, I can’t think of anything. PPC serves a specific need, and serves it incredibly well, with no shortcomings. It’s got just enough information for you to know what to do and take action quickly, without being padded out or overbearing. All the bonuses are awesome, and based on experience, I can guarantee you’re going to get all the support you need. The Rhodes brothers always deliver when it comes to customer support and encouragement. I’m seriously trying to come up with some sort of flaw, and I can’t think of anything.

Maybe it’s irony, maybe it’s fate, but Perfect Product Creation is, itself, a perfect product. 😉

How to Get Perfect Product Creation for the Cost of a Nonstick Pan

If the $297 price tag on PPC feels a little steep right now, I understand. The good news is that you have a chance to get it at a much lower price, if you catch it during one of the Rhode’s brothers’ discount periods.

Rhodes brothers products don’t stay discounted forever. Eventually, like all digital products that are doing well, the price raises and discounts vanish, in order to seal up the sales and not deal with too many new customers for a relatively low-cost product. Sometimes it makes sense to stop discounting a product, raise the price, and launch something new instead to draw more attention to that.

There’s no telling when Matt and John Rhodes will release something new, and stop discounting products like PPC. If you can catch it on a discount, you absolutely should, because I can’t guarantee it will even stay at its $297 base price for long, let alone continue offering discounts.

If you want to make money online by selling digital products, you’re on a bold, but worthy path. Set yourself up for success by following the techniques and using the tools included in Perfect Product Creation. You are only making things unnecessarily difficult for yourself otherwise, and abandoning a silver bullet that will slay your biggest fears about online business.

Overall rating: 100/100. Get it now!

Learn more about Perfect Product Creation and see if it’s currently discounted HERE.

Well, it’s finally starting to cool down around here, so I’m going to go for a walk and listen to some podcasts. Have a good one!


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