REVIEW: DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson (WARNING!)

I’m back! With another review, and I couldn’t be more excited about this one…

Because if you’re trying to make more money with your online business…

You do not want to miss this one.

What is it: An extremely detailed and thorough book about growing a modern online business into a money-multiplying empire. Written by the creator of ClickFunnels. A heavy, thorough, full-on immersion course in high-level internet marketing strategy.

What it costs: Free hardcover version from the website, just $10 for shipping. Click here to get it.

My rating: 100/100 (Jubilantly, Innovatively Excellent. The New Standard to Beat in Its Category)

I do not give things a perfect score lightly. I’m quite picky when it comes to self-help or instructional type books, particularly ones for entrepreneurs.

I also tend to find that whenever I check out a book about making money online, it tends to fall into one of three shortcomings:

1: Specific, but too situational, so much of it doesn’t apply to me.

2: Broad and high-level

3: Just plain boring and lacking personality, or overcompensating with intense language while having little to say.

Dotcom Secrets has none of these flaws. It is nothing but pure gold on building the best, most profitable type of business you can online, regardless of niche. It actually feels like a book written by a guy who wanted to help as many people as possible, not just call himself an author in his field.

I’m really shocked I didn’t find out about Russell Brunson sooner. He’s the author of this book and its sequels, which I have coming my way in the mail as I write this, and he’s mainly known as the creator of Clickfunnels, which is like a page-builder if it were for designing funnels at a top-floor level.

If this sounds like gibberish, don’t worry. I’ll explain it all further down the article.

I started reading this book a few weeks back, on the recommendation of a friend whose business has been steadily growing more and more. He said he was BARELY making use of what he learned, but if someone took all of the advice, they could become disgustingly rich in a year.

High praise. But this guy praised a lot of things. Still, he was confident this time, not as emphatic as he had been, about other stuff that turned out to not be great. That change of attitude interested me.

So I got the book, but was too busy to charge my way through the way I usually do with my reading.

But as I got back to it after a few days, I found myself rampantly flipping through pages. It’s the kind of book with not one wasted word. You could not take one page out of this thing, or else you’d be missing essential information.

Can I just say, it’s a relief to read an entrepreneur book written with this level of tightness and writing skill? I guess this is what happens when a master copywriter creates a book of his own.

What Exactly Is DotCom Secrets About?

Alright, you get it. It’s good. Why is it good?

What does DotCom Secrets actually teach that other books don’t?

DotCom Secrets is about building sales funnels, and not just the pure, basic facts of the matter, either. This book is the beginning and end of what you need to know about building the PERFECT sales FUNNELS (yeah, not just one) for your business. This is seriously the difference between a business making a few hundred dollars a month, and a business making half a million or more per month.

For clarification, if you are unfamiliar, a sales funnel is a series of products that are sold to a customer, along with a set order and manner of contact for those sales. You have probably seen and been sold products in sales funnels many times, whether you realize it or not.

For example, if you sign up for a Joe Blow’s the Marketing Machine’s emails to get a tutorial series on how to do something, such as how to get your first 1000 site visitors, and then he ends the email series by selling you on a specific product that will help you get those visitors even faster? And if you buy that, he’ll eventually introduce something else as an add-on, to make you progress even faster?

That’s a sales funnel, albeit a very basic one. They function on the basic psychological concepts that people respond best to very specific products, sold in an ascending line of value and price.

So if you’re selling just one high-ticket item, you’re in for a rough time online.

Or, it would have seemed that way. But the book has funnels that work even for just high-ticket items as well.

This is what sets DotCom Secrets above other funnel and business-design books out there.

You see, a lot of people call themselves funnel experts, but all they really understand is the basic nature of what a funnel does. And that’s not rocket science. You keep in contact with your past customers and repeatedly sell them on more products, working your way up to them buying higher-ticket items that earn you more money. There, that’s a sales funnel.

But there’s a big different between knowing the basic theory, and knowing the exact, scientifically proven types of funnels, the designs, that work a hundred times better than some random funnel an amateur could throw together. And what better person to tell you than the creator of Clickfunnels, the most widely-used sales funnel software in the world?

Not using the knowledge in DotCom Secrets is like baking a cake without following a recipe. Even if you understand the theory, you’ll likely mess up the ingredient ratios if you aren’t an experienced chef.

The Real Genius Trick of Brunson’s Style

There are a lot of good marketers and accomplished businesspeople who make books about how they do what they do. I’ve read dozens.

The problem is, for most of them, I’d be hard-pressed to give you a summary of what they were about, beyond a few sentences.

The information is so dense, with nothing to tie it all back together, that if you don’t start employing it immediately, you’ll likely forget it all and go back to whatever you were doing before.

That’s a problem. Because memorability = excitement = momentum.

You wouldn’t buy a book about taking your online business to greater heights if you didn’t want to actually do that. So if a book like that has even the best, most useful information ever, but you don’t absorb it properly, it’s worthless. You can’t take action if you don’t absorb the information properly.

In DotCom Secrets, Brunson does something GENIUS that I have never seen a nonfiction, instructional book author do.

He adds a simple, stick-figure picture at the start of every major chapter, with lots of symbols and phrases.

Now, I’ll admit, when i first saw these, I thought “What is this? That looks stupid. There’s no way I can understand that right off the bat.”

But that’s the point. As soon as I finished a chapter, I looked back at the image, and it clicked. Like a magic-eye picture, I could suddenly see exactly what had been there before. Looking at that picture was like absorbing a takeaway or chapter review with four pages of information, in literally half a second.

What’s more, this is exactly what Brunson intended. He says, multiple times in the text, to look back at the chapter’s diagram to better understand the bird’s-eye view image of what he’s talking about.

This is, in no exaggeration, the missing link that thousands of other instructional books on complex topics are missing.

The use of SIMPLE, deceptively detailed images summarizing the key point of a chapter, which perfectly summarizes the key takeaways of that chapter, is something that would have turned so many disappointing books I’ve read into something that would have changed my life.

I don’t need to read over this very long book again, if I don’t want to. All I have to do is scan through and look at the pictures at the heading of the chapters I’m curious or confused about, and boom, my answer just comes to me.

A picture says a thousand words, indeed!

Do You Need Clickfunnels to Use DotCom Secrets?

The fact is, DotCom Secrets, like all of Brunson’s books, is designed to sell people on his products and services, the meat and potatoes of that being Clickfunnels. This software is amazing, and I’m putting together funnels for my newest products myself with it.

But that begs the question: do you NEED Clickfunnels to use the information in DotCom Secrets? I would say no. But as long as you come into Clickfunnels fully prepared with the knowledge you gained from the book, I see no reason to deprive yourself from a funnel builder that would save you thousands of hours and make you 100 times as much money. It’s a pretty simple decision. I’ll be talking more about Clickfunnels at another time, guaranteed.

Not everyone is at the level where they need to see this information yet, and I understand. This book is awesome for at least mildly progressed and motivated beginners, ideally intermediates in the making money online world.

Where the 4-Hour Work Week has more of a theory-based, inspirational approach that a total newcomer can benefit from, DotCom Secrets assumes you have a business, or at least that you are serious about getting one started, soon. You don’t have to be already running a profitable business. You just have to be fully tuned-in to getting one soon, to doing the work.

Most people are not in that state. That’s the truth. They flirt with the idea of starting a business online but are months, years, or maybe forever away from taking it seriously.

Only a small percentage of entrepreneur types, at any given time, are really serious and truly ready to succeed.

But for those who really care, who have some kind of change they need to make in the world, and a hunger to make a huge profit bringing it to life, I recommend this book strongly to you, with a salute.

Is DotCom Secerts The Only Entrepreneur Book You’ll Ever Need?

I wouldn’t say that much. Everybody is different, but I am glad for the books I read before this one, in the years leading up to now. They gave me a knowledge base and an understanding that helped me utilize Brunson’s teachings. Feel free to shop around and grab other entrepreneur or achievement-based books, because some people need more on the theory, others need more motivation, and others need extremely detailed stuff in their specific niche.

I can’t accuse Brunson of making the most specific book about succeeding online ever, but I can say that it’s hard to imagine one that gets more specific and applicable to everyone without getting bogged down. It’s long, it’s thorough, but it’s just enough of those traits, not an ounce of fat to trim.

Overall rating: 100/100

Well, I’m hungry for eggs and bacon. If you saw this other article, you probably know why.

Here’s to high-converting funnels,


P.S. Want more detail? Here’s a video review I found.

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