About Mach 5

Breathe In

Now breathe out. You’ve done it. You found the way out of your agonizing day job.

Nice work.

Leave My Day Job? How?

Take the proven path to financial independence and leave your day job behind. That’s all it takes.

Notice I said the proven path. Because it worked for me, and it was modeled after methods that worked for others. The tactics change here and there, but the basic principles do not. You can create a passive income stream, a high-value selling gig, an eCommerce store, or whatever it is you’ve heard about but are worried about trying. And you can do it in record time, going Mach 5 with your traffic and sales.

Speed is about not only increasing power, but also removing weight. The fastest race cars in the world aren’t just powerful; they’re lightweight, giving that engine more freedom to move the wheels.

With this blog, I aim to teach you how to leave your day job and become an online entrepreneur (or an online-assisted entrepreneur for a local business), using tactics to both increase your engine’s horsepower and lighten your load. I’ll go into details on certain avenues and tactics, as well as going into a bird’s eye view on psychology and what you may be missing on a personal level.

Why Are You Helping Me?

I Hated My Job

I was helping no one, not providing any value to the world, and my boss was happy to tell me that his business’s shortcomings were my fault. Then I got laid off despite being in the top tier of employees there.

I went into a depression, and then scraped my way out of it as a new person, taking charge of my life and making a living on my own terms.

Now it’s not even about money and my own freedom, it’s about helping you get the same. Because there are far too many people still stuck in the hell I was in.

Remember, I’m just some guy. My story isn’t original. You can do the exact same things that I did, and that’s what this blog is all about. 🙂