A website with 5000 posts still has traffic below 100. How to get more traffic?

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Just to be clear, you mean less than 100 daily visitors? That is rough, for so much content.

It’s important to consider how SEO works in general, and the internet as a concept. Sure, you can make 5000 posts about something, but are they something people wanted in the first place? If it’s something people want, is it something that hasn’t already been provided in twenty-five different flavors by fifty different people before you? Basically, do enough people search for the kind of thing you’re doing? If the answer to all of those is no, then you gotta get real and ask yourself, where is your traffic supposed to come from, then?

Google uses algorithms to decide which websites are the most trustworthy, and having a ton of content despite not getting many visitors is a potential flaw that Google can mark against your site when determining page rankings. Too much content, content that’s too repetitive, things like this are why it’s important to find the best possible middle ground of quantity of marketing content and quality of results (visits, shares, more).

Google also generally likes to see sites that attract more traffic in direct correlation to how old they are and their total content. Sites that grow in content over years without getting much more popular, yeah, you’re in a bit of a hole right now. It’s a hole many people get into, so it’s not the end of the world, but I won’t lie: you’re gonna need to make changes and power through for a while to get back on track.

To give you an idea of where I’m coming from with my advice, look at it this way: If I made even 100 posts on a website, let alone 5000, and I wasn’t getting 100 hits or more per day, I’d be very frustrated. But, that would spur me on to think “Okay, what’s missing? What can I do differently?” and take action from there. Eventually, I’ll get it right.

But 5000 posts should teach you, as I think you grasp by now: you gotta do something different to get a better potential result. Because that amount of traffic, for that amount of work, is not tenable or scaleable, which is what I think most of us want with a serious website.

Per my decade-long experience dealing with various traffic methods and blogs, I can assure you that you will see an increase in the traffic on your website if you keep on making consistent efforts and convert some of your hard work to smart work.

I can understand what you must be going through. But every niche, every market, they all have websites that defied the norms of other sites like them and grew rapidly, even if they were created a long time ago and have been virtually dead all those years. The site’s not really what matters, it’s the stuff behind it done to promote it. So, put your mind at ease, you can get more visitors.

To increase your traffic, here are the three things I would do:

#1 Focus on exiting visitors, so that they can give you the word of mouth publicity. Find and incentivize activities such as social media sharing, in a way that doesn’t feel fake or lazy.

#2 Make your web content easily shareable, such as for social media platforms, as you can get more followers from those websites and you should be using social to promote anyway.

Shareable content is shorter, more to the point, and more easily consumed in one sitting. For instance, if you have a guide on gardening, instead of posting one huge guide, you can turn every little entry on a different plant into a post of its own. This way, people just looking for that one thing easily find what they wanted, and the rest of the similar content available, that they might also want, is in plain sight and easy to find, keeping them on multiple pages per session.

#3 If your budget allows, you can opt for paid advertisements as well. You get the option to plan daily spending and better focus on the best target audiences. Don’t mess with this until you’re already getting enough free traffic to make a little money, though, that’s my policy.

I could have suggested more if I had more information about your website. But the above suggestions would work for you, in most cases.

A more specific method that I implement to get traffic to my websites is One Minute Free Traffic (OMFT). If you are interested, you can read a review on my website.

Feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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