According to your experience, which is the best course on a startup and entrepreneurship?

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The best course on startups and entrepreneur pursuits is something that teaches and builds your willingness to initiate, your drive to get started and commit to success. Yes, I mean it. How?

A successful enterprise today had once been only a struggling startup owner. If any beginning entrepreneur has a willingness to initiate, all other common problems will likely not stop them.

Now, to get specific, the courses that have done the best job at getting me fully locked into that “initiator” mindset, fully active, confident, and ready for entrepreneurship, have been any courses by Jason Capital or Bedros Keuilian. I would recommend checking them both out and maybe trying a course from them that interests you if you can afford it. They’re pricey, but they have infectious personalities that get you excited and motivated to succeed. Bedros is a bit more in-your-face and intense, while Jason is more sociable and relaxing.

This is really important because I’ve seen many people fail to adopt that instinct to try something new, to initiate, to start. They’re too afraid and cling to something that’s not working because they’re familiar and comfortable with it. At the most basic level, if you have any problem as an entrepreneur, the first course of action is to find something new, something to change, and initiate.

Regarding the best course for a startup and an entrepreneur, I would repeat, it depends a lot more on the entrepreneur, how he wishes to start. Some start on their own by self-motivation and innovation and need more technical knowledge instead. Whereas some take up courses or some might lead with the help of an already established entrepreneur as a mentor. There are a lot of courses available online, both free and paid, that may help you to begin. There is no doubt that free ones like paid take your time and effort, and maybe more surface level. Naming all here wouldn’t be possible, a few to list here would be an injustice to those I don’t list. In this situation, the best I can do is share one which worked for me and made a difference early in my career. That is a course in the form of the book “The 4-Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferriss. It proved its worth for me and still does every day.I would suggest you read my honest review post REVIEW: The 4-Hour Work Week. The book teaches concepts that were eye-opening for me and that I have been helping other entrepreneurs around me adopt.

In Conclusion:

Any course that works for you would be the best. In the presence of a large number of options for that, I would suggest you shortlist a few. Compare them and select one. With your consistent efforts, prove that course best as ultimately hard work matters. However, if I were to pick the best, it would be that book.

Good Luck!



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