After blogging for a month, I am not getting the required results. Should I continue blogging or not?

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I understand how it can feel like you’ve been putting in a lot of time and effort for no payoff. But in the grand scheme, the truth is that a month is not enough time to make a judgment on a blog’s viability.

A blog is a reader interest website, and these types of sites almost never grow much within the first few months without some seriously high-octane traffic and publicity campaigns. So in short, you should wait before quitting. Keep trying, keep growing the blog, and keep trying new ways of getting seen along the way.

This reminds me of my initial days as a blogger and a blog builder for companies. Unlike many website types, there is a tremendous scope of things you can try to improve your situation, and I will recommend components of that in my answer.

There are a lot of factors that control how much traffic any website gets. The niche of your blog has a lot to do with that. Specialties like health, wellness, travel, way of life, and so forth get a decent number of visitors, simply because so many people care about that. In any case, that doesn’t mean bloggers are doomed if their niche is smaller. Individuals on the web have varied interests. You know your blog’s specialty, and since I don’t, I can’t say much about how to make your specific niche work. Please feel free to reply to me to share more on that.

Coming to the point, for increasing traffic to your blog, you may follow two different ways. Either utilize free strategies or paid techniques.

Some free options include participation in social media groups and forums, ad space exchanges, email marketing, and guest posts on blogs similar to yours.

Some paid options include PPC ads, paid promotions on Fiverr and similar services, or buying singular ad space on another website.

I would recommend the strategy which I apply for the vast majority of my projects. The outcomes for me have been exceptionally fulfilling. I utilize One Minute Free Traffic (OMFT) for generating traffic to my blogs/sites. That is around sixty minutes in length video program showing you how to get free traffic from only a couple of minutes of work every day.

Since discussing all the contents of that video program in this answer would be extremely long, I would recommend you read my review of OMFT. For reading that, you can visit this link.

That review can assist you with understanding OMFT better. In the event that it suits you, at that point, you may settle on OMFT. For your situation, that won’t be a feeble choice. It’s sort of intended for your accurate circumstance: has content, a startup blog, needs traffic.

In the end, I would suggest you give additional time before you give up, say at least three months, but till then keep blogging, work on quality improvement of your content and make efforts to get traffic. Since you have been doing that for a month, at that point it implies you have a skill for it. You can have a greater fan-base of individuals, accepting that your content is liked by individuals. I have not examined much on that. If you don’t mind sharing a link to your blog in the reply so that I could give explicit suggestions.

Good Luck! Stay Positive!



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