Are advertisements necessary and helpful?

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Yes, they are really necessary. To make the consumers aware of a company’s products and services, advertisements play a key role. Ultimately customers will buy the products that they need or want, and the company will earn revenue.

Advertisements are a strong medium for creating awareness and spreading a message. Not only companies; governments, individuals, non-profit organizations, etc. make use of ads for different reasons. A company can advertise if it is conducting recruitment, selling a product, giving services, running a social awareness campaign, etc. For the effectiveness of an ad, its concept and budget matter a lot. With modern forms of advertising, conventional ads are getting rare, like the one in the above picture, and digital advertising is becoming more and more necessary.

For a better understanding, let’s consider an example. Imagine a company that needs ads to sell its main product, say a laptop. The company would advertise to inform the customers about why this laptop exists in the first place, why they created it, and what benefits it offers. Advertisement is a strategy in marketing through which active brand building, recognition, and target group engagement (ultimately to influence the customer’s decision), is the main goal.

On the other hand, ads are also beneficial for customers as they help in decision making. We always have too many choices in life to consciously consider them all. An effective ad drives the orientation of the customer towards a particular product, or even just to buying that product in general, if they had never heard of it considered it before. Without ads, most people wouldn’t know what new movies to go see, what kinds of medicine they can get for their health problems, and a million other things in between.

 The three main reasons advertisements are necessary are:

1) People Get to Know All Their Options

2) Ads Make People Try New Things

3) Advertising Gives Personality to Businesses

The above reasons are not the only ones, but they’re pretty big.

To clarify a bit more and make anyone realize the necessity of advertisements in a different way, I have a hypothetical situation to discuss with you. Can you imagine a world with literally no advertisements at all? That thought struck me once, and I wrote what life in that scenario would actually be like in the form of an article: Welcome to a World Without Advertising. You can also explore the Knowledge Base section on my website for interesting discussions on ads.

To sum up, advertisements are helpful for a consumer as well as a company. They are a tool for promotion, and while there are better and worse businesses, products, and promotion tactics, the concept of advertising itself is fundamental to commerce and the economy.

Please feel free to reply if you have any questions.

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