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One of the most reliable ways to bring traffic to a website is social media, specifically their ad platforms. If we want to talk about any specific platform, Facebook is as good as any. According to recent surveys, 60% of social media users have a Facebook account. I’ll be the first to admit that Facebook has its flaws, and it’s a bit long in the tooth, but its size is still significant. Facebook and its ads can drive traffic to a website or blog, but you have to understand how Facebook is changing and not rely on old, outdated methods. Let’s cover how to use Facebook ads correctly.

Remember, it’s not just about ads. Even with ordinary Facebook posts, you can drive traffic to your website. Here are three proven ways of driving traffic from Facebook and its ads feature:

1) Targeting the right audience:Facebook ads offer the choice of picking the audience from different age groups, regions, and other demographics. Depending upon the content of your website, you have to decide the right audience, so that the ads get displayed for the best possible prospects only. For example, if your website focuses on youth fashion and style, then to approach the audience in the age group of 18-30 years would be more beneficial instead of focusing on 70-80 years age group. You can make use of various online survey reports, and create your own surveys for understanding your target audience in a better way.

Ultimately, though, if you want these demographics to really work, you need to be able to make more intense and specific guesses. Try to interview your best customers and get more information about them and their life circumstances when they found you and bought your products. You should be able to take this information and glean new ideas.

For instance, a jewelry business might assume all their customers are women, only to discover many of their sales were from men, buying gifts for their girlfriends and wives. So, now they have a new potential ad demographic to target: non-single men looking to buy someone a gift. New audience, a new context for buying, new possibilities to target and test ads.

2) Selection of right time for posting ads and boosting posts:

This information applies more to posts than ads, especially if you want to boost them. Timing is important in advertising. For instance, you don’t want to publish or boost a new post during a time of day when your target audience is likely to be asleep, at work, or distracted and not on Facebook. That depends a lot more on approximations of your target audience’s behavior, which you’ll have to learn and test. Facebook lets you decide a daily budget for boosting your posts and ads. I would say, use that wisely. Boosting is like drinking alcohol. Better to do it a little to make a good time even better than to waste it on trying to improve a bad time. In other words, use boosts to make a well-performing post or ad do even better. Boosting is not a band-aid for bad advertising.

3) Publish content regularly:

In addition to your ads, and sometimes as a consequence of them, people are likely to see your website’s Facebook page. Make sure that you populate it well by posting content regularly. Also, reply and handle people’s questions, delicately and professionally, on that page. Negative reviews and comments should be dealt with care.

With my experience, Facebook ads get you traffic to a limited extent. One should not rely much on that, as it involves daily spending, and there are other ad platforms worth trying as well before you get too comfortable with Facebook. A long term solution to get traffic to a website is selecting a method that is specialized for website traffic. By that I mean Facebook ads cater to many requirements. It’s a big site with a lot of users, by as for its value to marketers, it’s a jack of all trades, master of none.

Being an affiliate marketer and a blogger, I have tried and tested multiple methods to get traffic on my websites. The method that I am presently using is One Minute Free Traffic (OMFT), which is very promising and gets a good volume of traffic with little effort. My recommendation for anyone who is looking to get traffic to his/her blog at present would be OMFT.

In conclusion, I would say, Facebook ads really work to get traffic to the blog, provided you implement them right.

Please feel free to leave me a reply if you need more information on any of the points discussed above. I would be pleased to help you.

Good Luck!



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