Are money and high-paying job everything in life?

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They are not everything, but with them, you can buy many things and flaunt your position in society. Those things could give anyone temporary happiness and friends. To my point, they fill a part of life but do not complete it. Let’s discuss.

To not to complicate our discussion, let’s consider money and a high-paying job the same, in the context of your question.

Due to social outlook, nowadays people think if they don’t have money, they won’t be happy. It’s sad to think about, but the mindset of most people has always been the same.. From dawn to dusk, people are focused on how they can earn more money, be that through jobs, business, or in whatever way they can. Which would be fine, except there are no caveats. It doesn’t matter if getting that money makes them miserable, or costs them things that money cannot buy back; to them, increasing an abstract number in their bank account is all that matters.

But, earning money should not be the sole aim of our lives. Money should just be a tool, or a step, that we might need or not, in achieving something important. No doubt, for a happy life, most people do require a certain amount of money, but it’s largely decided by yourself, internally. Having more money can get you a better home, better education, better sources of comforts, etc. But whether you’re happy with those things, that’s something you can turn on and off like a switch, if you really want to. There are plenty of people who are surrounded in wealth and material luxuries but are miserable, because they constantly envision the next step up, the next thing they can’t afford yet.

For all those benefits of money, is it wise to completely steer your life toward getting as much of it as possible? Leaving aside a few exceptions, every other person in the world has money problems. If you’re going to make a lot of money, but have no end goal, no amount you’ve decided is enough, then you’re just working really hard to be as stressed out and dissatisfied as everybody else.

I know many people with a mediocre income who are living a happy life. They’re also some of the most interesting people I know, because they talk about stuff other than jobs, income, bosses, workplace drama, etc. On the other hand, I know many rich people, who despite having money are unhappy and boring. We should be aware of the following points whenever there is a discussion like this:

1) Money can buy a comfortable bed, but it can’t relax your mind and put you to sleep.

2) One can buy fancy food with money, but not good taste, and the ability to appreciate it.

3) One can attract people with money, but loyalty, by its very nature, cannot be bought.

There are many valuable things in the world, which money can’t buy, and for every person, at least some of those are necessary for happiness.

I have seen many rich kids spoiling their lives with drugs, and living wastefully. They are born in a difficult position, to have something before you ever had a chance to want it and value it. In some ways, that completely destroys the pleasure it has to offer.

The discussion on this topic can get very long and philosophical. Wrapping up, in addition to the above discussion, I would recommend you to read my post: The Homeless Millionaire: How Making Money Is Only Half the Battle. That post discusses in a better way how money, while important, is not everything. I have made that post for people who want to make more money, especially beginner entrepreneurs, to warn them against getting in a rut where they overvalue money for the family, friends, life, relationships, and most of all, time.

In conclusion, money and a high salary job are not everything in life. 

I would appreciate it if you would share your views on this too. Don’t forget to leave me feedback once you complete reading that post.

Good Luck!



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