Are there any myths on paid traffic?

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To fulfill my curiosity and gain knowledge, I frequently test free and paid traffic methods. Myths help gain more insight into those methods, because I finally know for sure that something is bunk. Here are five myths that I have found regarding paid traffic.

#1 Paid traffic is always quality traffic. Nope! You can very easily pay for mediocre or straight-up worthless traffic. In fact, it’s quite difficult to get quality traffic through paid methods and requires a lot of testing.

#2 Ultimately, all traffic methods are paid. Wrong, although it’s easy to feel this way. Some free methods really do cost you nothing, after you’ve done some work beforehand. In other words, it’s like building your own fireplace so you can have warm fires whenever you want. Did that cost something? Of course. Can you freely burn wood in there whenever you want afterward? Also yes.

#3 Organic traffic is free. Misleading. Organic traffic is hard to quantify, but if we define it as only traffic that found you on their own from searching online, sure, that might have not cost you anything at the moment, but getting to the point where that happens often certainly did. Think of this as the other side of the coin to #2.

#4 Nobody Clicks on Display Ads, Therefore they Don’t Work. I’ve had experience with these where they worked.

#5 Paid traffic goes to the highest bidder. Not always. In some cases, you don’t have to bid the most, you just have to target better.

Since I frequently answer questions relating to web traffic, I commonly hear myths about them. Recently, I explained with a proof for myth#2 to a questioner. The solution to that is OMFT.

One Minute Free Traffic (OMFT) is a roughly one-hour-long video program teaching you how to get free traffic from just a few minutes of work per day. It’s a proven method that has proved many myths wrong. I have been using OMFT for a long time.

In conclusion, as little knowledge is a dangerous thing, the same is the case with the myths relating to website traffic. It’s better to learn all the basics from scratch and assume nothing is exactly as it seems.

Good Luck!



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