Besides advertising, how can a business be promoted?

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Hi there. Promotion and advertising are nearly synonymous in most circles, so I will assume that by advertising, you mean separate, impersonal promotion, such as paid ads online, billboards, and such.

So, how can you promote a business with only more personal marketing? Let’s discuss!

1. By offering your insights to others, initially for free. You can do this by writing or speaking about your business subjects wherever and whenever you can, possibly linking to an appealing free offer, such as an eBook. On the off chance that your thoughts are impactful and draw attention, which will happen the more you participate and involve yourself, you will get followers. Some of your followers may turn into clients, while others can suggest your business to their companions and associates. You can use blogging for that as well.

2. By being active in online and offline areas. For offline areas, you can opt to host/sponsor events to promote businesses or relevant groups. By taking part in online discussions through forums, social pages, groups, etc. you can do online promotions without really ‘advertising’. Social media posts always help. The famous example is Tesla, which does not spend money on advertisements. The company manages to gain attention solely through media coverage and the word of mouth effect from their fans.

With more research on the above ways, you can further derive more granular strategies. I would recommend looking into more innovative and smart ways of advertising as there is no replacement for it for promoting a business. Unless your brand is huge, some level of impersonal promotion is required to grow a brand in a reasonable amount of time.

To give you more info, I have a post to share: Welcome to a World Without Advertising. You can read that if you are interested.

In conclusion, advertising is the best strategy for the promotion of any business. In present times, advertising is getting cheaper with growing digitization. However, besides that, you can approach and interact with potential clients through the more personal and time-intensive promotion methods I described.

Please feel free to reply to me if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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