Can a website’s traffic be increased through Google and Facebook ads in 2020? Will it increase the sales of my store?

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Absolutely. Advertising always helps to increase traffic to a website, be that Google, Facebook ads, or any other format of ads. Once you start getting traffic, then it would probably increase your sales. The reason I have to use the word ‘probably’ is that the traffic website should be quality, not just quantity. Short answer: you will always be able to get traffic with these ads, but it’ll take time, work, and the willingness to experiment if you also want effective traffic without paying an excessive amount of ad spend.

Let’s discuss more while covering Facebook and Google ads separately.

To be clear, this is not a comparison between Facebook and Google Ads. Both of these are pioneers in online advertising and are already ruling the industry. They have a large number of users, and for any business/website their ads can create awareness, improve sales, provide purchase pathways, etc.

Now let’s first discuss Facebook ads. As it is a social networking site, Facebook users generally do not intend to search for specific information. They are on Facebook to chat in their favorite groups, discuss hobbies, share pictures, etc. However, Facebook has search features that are not as effective as Google. With a large number of users, you can find information on almost every niche. Advertising on Facebook can be further done in many ways like boosting posts, getting video views, etc. You can display ads or posts to a specific region, age group, or other demographic details, although the traffic targeting could be better. It provides the option of daily budgeting and analytical tools to measure the results. In short, it can drive traffic to your website. Most of the basics are accounted for.

Google, being the largest search engine, is obviously a promising place for advertising. There are many daily searches on Google. With Google ads, you get the options to advertise on its search network, display network, Google shopping, video networks, etc. Google ads can give a much higher ROI. There’s a possibility when someone searches for a keyword, and your website is optimized, then Google would return your website in the search results. Compare that to someone happening across one of your ads while scrolling through Facebook. Google can offer highly targeted traffic, which means higher quality. Ultimately, that means more sales for your store.

If you want to build brand awareness, then Facebook ads are better, because it’s where people are looking to discover new stuff and share it, whereas if you want direct sales, then Google ads are more promising. However, both can get you sales, leads, and help to spread information about your website as well as the store. I appreciate that you are considering both.

Finally, let’s discuss quality traffic. When a person visits a website, the more interested and centrally focused on visiting that site they were, the better quality that traffic can be considered to be. No doubt, both options are capable of driving quality traffic to a website, but you should make every possible effort to get traffic if you wish to drive more sales. The reason behind that relates to my personal experience. I am a digital marketer, and traffic to my websites matters a lot to me. At the same time, I remain concerned about quality as well.

I have tried and tested multiple ways to get an optimal amount of high-quality traffic, compared to the cost of getting it. After a lot of attempts, finally, my choice is One Minute Free Traffic(OMFT). It is a roughly one-hour-long video program teaching you how to get free traffic from just a few minutes of work per day. I have been using this method for a while, and the results so far have been amazing for all my projects. If I were to recommend a specific method to get website traffic and increase store sales, it would be OMFT. If you are interested, you can visit this link, where I have posted a review of it. 

In conclusion, according to the discussion in this answer, you can choose either Facebook ads or Google ads, or even both, depending upon your budget and requirements. They can increase traffic to your website and get you more sales. However, a method like OMFT which covers more smart ways of getting web traffic can be an intelligent decision. It’s not about paid traffic, so you won’t be able to get tons on demand but think of it as a valuable bonus stream of visitors to your site that you can grow, while you run and test paid ads as well.

Good Luck!



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