Can any person be happy without money?

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It depends how you look at it. There is a standard of living, usually above the poverty line, that most people need to live at, or else that will affect their happiness negatively to some degree. So any person will feel upset, probably, at losing money or a certain standard of living, but every person also has the mind-over-matter ability to stay positive and focused on things that keep them relaxed and moving closer to what they want. You can make the choice to do that, regardless of anything else going on in your day.

Money is undoubtedly a necessity to survive in the vast majority of living situations, but the pursuit of more money, a better career, etc., this chase to earn more and more has created an uneven distribution of wealth in the world over time. When you look at how little this increased wealth actually does for the richest people in the world, it becomes even more laughable.

It’s not that the richer you are, the more likely you are to be unhappy, but the richer you are, and the more you base your worth upon money, the more you are going to be severely impacted by any sudden pitfalls in your career, which will happen sometimes. So in short, don’t let money rule you, but don’t ever give up on earning more and living a better life. There is almost always more out there waiting for those interested.

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In conclusion, happiness is a state of mind and a person can be really happy without money, provided he/she wants to be happy, i.e. has motivated themselves to live and think positively for some powerful, specific reason. Money is no guarantee of happiness because it is entirely external. There is nothing wrong with being rich and wanting to be rich. But to have money at the cost of family life, friends, health, relationships, etc. is not recommended at all. All that really means is trading your life for money, and that is never a fair trade. Humans can achieve anything, and they have no limit to how skilled they can be, which means there is no limit to how much you can earn and how high quality of a life you can live if you’re willing to keep chasing.

Every person who wants more out of life should try to attain financial freedom, and at the same time learn to enjoy the little things even more. Your favorite movies, going for walks, staying fit, reconnecting with old friends and relatives, anything that leaves you feeling better afterward. Never make choices that take these things away from you, and instead, look forward to earning more that either preserve your free, non-working time or save even more of it to use as you please.

In this way, a person can be happy in a well-rounded way, and also be rich.

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