Can you suggest alternatives to AdSense for making money from a website?

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A straightforward question like yours deserves a clear answer. I can suggest you some proven ways that I follow. Well, it would not be exaggerating to say that your website can be your personal money-making machine. How?

To do that, you need to put your effort, time, and a bit of smart work in the right direction. I can help you in finding that right direction.

Keeping it short, here are three real ways to monetize your website.

1) Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate marketer for more than a decade with great results, this is always my first suggestion. In affiliate marketing, you earn money by promoting the products of other businesses.

2) Displaying Ads of Other Businesses or Products

 You can look out for different ways in which you can display ads on your website. There are monetization methods such as Pay Per Click Advertising,

3) Selling Products on Your Website

By selling products like ebooks, courses, etc. you can make money on your expertise and website reputation.

Well, there are more proven ways depending upon the type of website and the web content you are serving. I commend you if you are asking this because you are already getting the required traffic to start making serious money. Most people struggle hard to get to that point.

As I have discussed my profile with you, I would add more to that by letting you know about One Minute Traffic Machines. Yes, that is the same machine I mentioned in the first part of the answer. OMTM is the method that suggests ways to get more traffic to your website and monetize that with just a few minutes of work per day. In real life, more may not always mean better, but for website traffic, more is always better. Even if you are getting sufficient traffic, then also there is no limit to the maximum. I strongly recommend monetization methods that also increase your traffic further, creating a self-feeding loop, and OMTM is amazing at that. You can check my profile or leave me a reply for more information.

Anyways it would be your decision to pick any method, but make sure that it’s ethical and does not harm anyone.

Good Luck!



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