Communication is bad where I am working as a web developer. Should I stay in the job? Even the codes are messy and files all over the internet. I don’t like my job. It’s my first job.

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  • Communication is bad where I am working as a web developer. Should I stay in the job? Even the codes are messy and files all over the internet. I don't like my job. It's my first job.
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Web development can be a lucrative career option, provided you get a good start. By the way, my first advice for you would be that, if possible, stay a little longer, and after gaining sufficient experience from your present job, perform a switch to a better job or go freelance. But as I could understand from your question, you don’t like your job much. Don’t worry; I can suggest a better option.

Rest assured: by the end of this answer you will be in a better position to make a decision. To start, as a web developer, it’s obvious that you would see those messy codes and the files over the internet. Your job is largely going to be fixing stuff like that.

However, proper communication can solve that mess to a degree. For an official assignment, if there is no communication gap, then a big problem could be half-solved. Approach your team leader and let him know your suggestions to improve the stream of communication on your projects. Well, that might sound easy for me. You know your office environment better than me.

Assuming direct communication about the problem is not possible, let’s find out what other options you have right now. When I suggest things, keep your current situation in mind and at the same time, my suggestions might not all be relevant due to me not knowing enough. Please feel free to reply to me, in case you need more information on any of the suggestions. I would be pleased to help you. Here are three instant suggestions for you:

1) If you have sound knowledge about web development, then you can perform a switch to another job. Alternatively, you can start freelancing. I assume, as a web developer, you must be aware of that.

2) Secondly, you can add more skills, and with very little coding required, you can have a website and start earning from that.

3) The third suggestion would be the last option for you, which I have already discussed at the beginning of my answer (to continue with the present job).

I could have suggested a dozen other things, but I have limited them to three, seeing your current profile, so that you need not overthink anything. Though in the long run adding more skills to your profile is always a good idea.

As of now, from the above suggestions, #2 needs more explanation. Being a web developer, I assume that you know how to make a website. If you don’t want to get too deep into the coding, you could use Wix, WordPress, etc. that could help you make a website as easy as making a  PowerPoint Presentation, and you can apply some of your coding experience to make a better, more nuanced site than most who use these platforms. After getting a website, you could make money from it.

For #1 and #2, you just need to add more skills to your profile, not too heavy, even the simple ones would help.

It wouldn’t be wrong here to say that, in today’s situation, most people are not happy with their jobs. They are in either a wait-and-see mindset or a wait-for-the-right-time-to-quit mindset. Well, time is never wrong, but our fears often are. One should not see that as my provocation to make you quit your job. I’ve faced the reality of quitting a job and free-falling into another industry with the skills I learned. I teach people how to do that, but that doesn’t mean I carelessly recommend that path to everyone. Just know that such a path exists.

It would be worth mentioning that, whenever you plan to switch or quit a job, you should work upon 3S, if you want to work further anywhere, either on a new job or by being a freelancer. Those 3S are:

1) Be Skilled.

2) Work Smarter.

3) Stay Strong.

If the above points interest you, and you want to visualize your present job situation in a better way by foreseeing its effects, I would recommend a post: I’m Ready to Quit My Job YESTERDAY, How Do I Do It?

After getting requests from my online and offline followers, I have written that post, which rapidly covers situations like yours. I am sure you would have a breakthrough with it. That post also provides a link to the way through which I had been able to start earning online after I quit my job. It has been almost ten years since then. Hard to believe, considering my life feels worlds apart from how it was back then.

In the end, I would say: Stay calm, relax a bit. Life is full of opportunities. If anything does not interest you, don’t do that. Do what you like to do, and enjoy it fully. 

Please feel free to leave me feedback as seeing good testimonials makes my day 🙂

Good Luck!



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