Covid-19 is at its peak these days. Is it okay to quit a job now?

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It’s okay if you have another option, or you are mentally and financially prepared to remain without a job for an indefinite period. But you must be aware of the scarcity of jobs during COVID-19, leaving aside a few fields.

It’s still not clear how long this situation will continue, and different places are more affected economically than others. But, one positive thing has happened during this pandemic situation. The traditional nine to five work culture is reduced, and more people are learning about working from home, which has created hope for many new jobs that are not limited to local areas. So, that’s a reason to not only stay positive, but possibly take a step toward something new and difference. Working from home isn’t perfect, but the world is growing more supportive of it, and it’s clear that we will reach a point where working from home is as common as commuted work.

Let’s discuss more.

It seems from your question that you are planning to quit a job or might have already quit. Well, I won’t get into those details, I’ll just assume you had a good reason.

Really, if you have self-confidence and a good attitude, you will land a new job sooner or later. Most people approach job hunting in a very slapdash way, and they allow a feeling of helplessness or shame over not having a job to affect their confidence, so those who take it seriously and do not get discouraged will go straight to the top and have a powerful advantage.

It is important to remain strong until you get a new job, as in such situations, people usually crack and give up right before they were about to find something new. So, don’t quit your job too soon if you haven’t work on finding some sort of backup be prepared to go without a job for a few months at max. I say from experience: sitting around without a job can be just as stressful as having a rough job. In a nutshell, first prepare yourself for a new job, keep options ready, and then quit your present job only when you have an abundance of safety nets.

Beyond that, let’s talk about alternate job options.

Online work and passive income are incredibly powerful means of earning a living. Nowadays there are many options to earn money online, which is a good alternative to a regular job. You can start anytime, including as just supplementary income, a side hustle while you work a standard job. With time and consistency, you can even earn more money than your regular job via effortless passive income streams.

To try and clarify what I’m talking about here, imagine working only two hours a day and making $10,000 a month. I have many friends who do that, and seeing as they’re younger guys who don’t like to waste money, they basically live like kings. If you have a family to support or need more money for other reasons, you just keep working at it and building the system higher and wider. It doesn’t pay immediately, it takes work and consistency, but once it’s successful, it pays in perpetuity. There’s something truly freeing about knowing I could go on a spontaneous three-month vacation and still make more than enough money to cover my expenses, and even handle an emergency, with no issue.

I would like to say that before leaving the job you should pay attention to the 3Ss. You can do that even if you have left the job, but try to do that before quitting. Those 3Ss are: become Skilled, do Smart work, and Stay Strong. Anyone who regularly improves these three aspects of their lives is economy-immune. You will only run into a dead-end if you stagnate and do not find new ways to improve your career lifestyle, which is what 3S is about.

After receiving a lot of queries similar to yours, I have made a post: I’m Ready to Quit My Job YESTERDAY, How Do I Do It? That post covers those 3Ss in more detail and has proved helpful to people planning to quit a job or who already quit.

In conclusion, it is okay to quit a job during COVID-19, provided you have a backup plan ready with you. In fact, I would consider now an especially good time to re-evaluate what kind of work and income you want, because online options are out there.

Please feel free to reply to me if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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