Does paid traffic help in a website’s organic ranking?

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This is actually a somewhat philosophical question. If I were forced to say yes or no, I would say no! But, there’s another angle to this question. Let’s explore.

Paid traffic doesn’t improve rankings, at least not directly. A website’s organic ranking comes from the search result pages. Google’s first responsibility is to provide users with the best possible search results. If businesses could pay money just to get higher rankings, even indirectly, then Google’s users would be less likely to get the results they’re seeking, because sites with the best value and merit toward serving the person who searched for something might not show up as high as sites that had a higher bid for their position on the results page. In other words, Google can make more money in the long run by making paid search result improvement more difficult, forcing sites to compete among themselves with good quality content and optimization.

When we talk about organic ranking, it is due to which the users click on search results that were not paid , promoted, or incentivised. The search engines make use of different algorithms to rank a website. Now, indeed, paid traffic contributes to the overall traffic to a website. With high traffic, more hits, the content of the website would likely be shared or discussed in more groups, thereby contributing to a bigger profile. This can improve a site’s ranking, but it will only go so far.

The ranking of a website improves due to the implementation of SEO techniques and high-quality content and engagement. To be clear, although not a viable primary tool to do so, paid traffic can improve SEO, thus page ranking, indirectly. Here’s how:

1) IF the visitors in the form of paid traffic search for your website again after visiting it once. Obviously, this only happens if your site is awesome and your paid traffic methods target people who definitely want what it has to offer.

2) The paid traffic impacts organic CTR(Click-Through-Rate). For instance, boosting a post on Facebook makes it look more popular, which can inspire more people to organically click on it.

3) Paid traffic can lead to more social media coverage. Many social PPC platforms let you display content in a variety of areas or formats on the site, which can be useful compared to ordinary posting to a profile.

In case you are seeking ways to improve the ranking of your website, then I would recommend implementing One Minute Traffic Machines (OMTM). It is a video tutorial program on increasing traffic to a website, which also improves the ranking of the website. And naturally, most people want a better ranking to get more traffic, so the two things feed into one another.

In conclusion, paid traffic does not increase a website’s organic ranking directly. It can help somewhat, though.

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