For expanding a business digitally, what is the importance of email marketing?

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For expanding any business, you need to reach out to as many people as possible, who over time become your customers. Beyond that basic conversion, you should also have a sales funnel, or value ladder, where regular customers get converted over time into better customers who buy more of your products and help your business even further. Email is fantastic for this.

When it comes to digital business expansion, obviously you’re going to need a digital marketing strategy to get any serious results. Email marketing is an effective strategy for that, arguably the most effective. Let’s discuss why!

Assuming that you are aware of the hows and whys of building an email list, here are five reasons email is useful for expanding a business :

#1 You can stay in contact with your customers and reach them in real-time.

#2 You can reach more customers at the cost of almost nothing per message, and building an email list is fairly easy to do at a cost-effective price.

#3 People in your target audience might use this or that social media site, or maybe not, but everybody has at least one email account they check regularly.

#4 While building a list, you can monetize it by pitching multiple products, doing promotion deals with other businesses, etc.

#5 You own the list. It’s even more independent and secure than your own business website.

Since email marketing is a proven strategy to get profits for a business, it’s surprising to me that most email marketers often ignore the granularities of email list building after seeing the initial hurdles with it. They either give up early on or struggle forward at a suboptimal level, not looking for ways to optimize their lead generation, email performance, etc. As a result, the list that gets built-up is not always effective, in both size and subscriber quality. A solution to that is the implementation of a proper methodology. You don’t just set out to make an email list, but a big, hot prospect, traffic eager to do business with you, and you monetize them immediately and regularly.

Recently, I had a chance to interact with a top email marketer. He suggested me to use List Warrior (LW). It is a several-hour-long video program teaching you how to build an email list in a way that costs nothing or little to nothing and adds up quickly. For beginners to list building, like me, List Warrior is a helpful tool. I am using it now, and the trial period of testing it out has been very promising. Since it teaches the concept behind list building from the basics, it is different from other existing methods. If you are interested to know about LW, you can visit this link to read my review of it.

In conclusion, after understanding the importance of building an email marketing list for business growth, one should choose a systematic method of doing it, as an improper method or halfhearted attempt is not going to pan out very well. Like most truly effective strategies in marketing, it takes some gumption and hard work in the beginning, and things get easier as you see more and more results.

Please feel free to reply to me if you need more information on any of the points discussed in this answer.

Good Luck!



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