How are sales different from presales?

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The initial stage in the sales cycle is called presales. Businesses use it as an effective strategy to tailor the products to be used by customers, and tailor customers to desire and properly use the product. Sales happen later, when the customer purchases a product. Presales set up the base for sales. It includes things like marketing, lead generation, customer education, event organizing, and more.

Merely doing presales activities does not guarantee sales. For that, you need to have an understanding of the psychology of the customer and pitch products accordingly. But rest easy! Let’s first learn the differences between sales and presales more thoroughly. Before concluding this answer, I will share a golden suggestion with you on how to increase sales.

Depending on the product or service, there can be many differences between sales and presales. Here are five main points:

#1 You do presales while demonstrating a product to the customer, whereas sales take place when the customer purchases a product or is seriously close to doing so.

#2 Presales improve the image of a product and the business, and the effectiveness of presales help in generating sales.

#3 Everything is presales when the product is under development stages.

#4 Presales are often technical, whereas sales are emotional and personal. Once you explain to somebody how a product works, all that’s left is getting them emotionally driven to buy it.

#5 Presales can involve figuring out what a customer requires to be satisfied, and afterward clarifies how a product or service can tackle that, whereas sales present those solutions confidently, without really asking or researching.

Obviously, every business wants more sales. I would say, making sales is not difficult as an individual, provided you know the right tactics. One such tactic is handling the objections of customers. 

Usually, customers will put up at least a little resistance to buying a product or service. I experienced that many times in my initial days as a salesman. After struggling a lot, I took the guidance of a sales expert and read articles on customer psychology. In sales or presales, an understanding of how people think is essential.

Well, after going through some case studies as well, I discovered there are generally five common objections of customers to sales. If, as a salesperson, you know those objections and the right answers to them, then the sales and presales process can be much more relaxing. As an attempt to help salespeople around the world, I have made a post: 5 Deep-Seated Customer Doubts That Kill Your Sales (And How to Erase Them). That post covers all those five objections and their solutions. Planning in this manner, learning how to improve your in-the-moment sales calls and pitches, is a key element of pre-sales. If you are interested in reading that post, you can visit my website.

In conclusion, pre-sales help in sales as, among other reasons, it allows businesses to plan ahead for better sales performance. It’s great to improve your selling, but no marketer should neglect the work that goes into the pre-sales process.



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