How can a beginner get more traffic to a website?

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Every beginner to getting web traffic feels a bit of dread before they finally hit it right and get a good stream incoming every day. Everyone wants to see that for his/her website.. I know I sure did, for quite a long time, before I figured it out.

People make use of free and paid methods to get traffic. Per my experience of testing and trying multiple methods, I can say that driving traffic to a website takes some hard work, though at many other times it only takes smart work, not getting in your own way.

Let’s discuss how you can grow your visitor numbers.

Remember, traffic by itself is just a number. Traffic you can’t monetize is of no use. By that, I mean, not just the quantity, but quality matters as well. It takes time to build that, but you can reap its benefits basically forever afterward, without any real work on your part.

Well, here are five proven ways to bring quality traffic to your website as a beginner:

#1 Advertising:

Provided you have the budget, you can advertise on various platforms to spread awareness about your website. With digital forms of advertising, you can start low, plus you get many flexible targeting features With more and more people advertising their websites, it is advisable to adopt smarter ways of advertising, to get experimental and creative. Think of how people scroll online, and what you can use to break that pattern.

Keep trying, and you’ll eventually stumble on a very good idea, and from there you’re basically fine, and you can keep doing experiments around it. Something similar to your first good ad idea will also work, and something similar to that will also work, etc. You just have to find that trail of similar elements to keep, which helps you learn a lot about your audience along the way, too.

For example, let’s say you are a vampire fiction author, and you discover through testing that any ad that uses the color red more than any other color does very well. You might change the design of your website, or even your book covers, to a similar reddish style and see an incredible uptick in ad click-through and sales. That information is priceless. I consider that the real wealth to be found in a PPC ad campaign.

#2 Online Directory Listings: 

If your website is for a  local business, something with an address, then I recommend listing it in online business directories. A suitable option is Google My Business, but there are many other options, too.

#3 Implementation of SEO measures:

SEO gets you showing up in more searches in Google and similar search engines, and higher up on those pages, ideally the top for buyer-interest keyword terms. For example, that vampire author from before might not want to be associated with the Twilight series, and so tries to rank for the term “new vampire series not Twilight”, and discovers that there’s actually a lot of traffic on that term, which gets her a new regular stream of customers.

There are multiple measures for good SEO, to start with, but it largely involves using keyword planner tools to discover and implement in-demand keywords on your website. I can have a detailed discussion on this as I am a professional SEO consultant. Please feel free to let me know if I can help you in this regard.

#4 Backlinking:  

Backlinks are obviously necessary to get more traffic. A backlink is just highlighted text or anything clickable that takes someone to your site when clicked. You may create blog posts and link those with your core web pages, or to each other to increase the average time a visitor spends on your site. You may also invite guest bloggers to write posts for your website, or you can be their guest blogger.

In both cases, both parties usually link to each other, but it’s good to agree to a deal that is not mutual, to get the most juice out of it for SEO purposes. If possible, you can arrange some other compensation, such as literal payment, to have someone give you a backlink and keep it there, without you linking. Google is biased, kind of in the way we are on social media. If someone has 2000 followers on Twitter but is also following 2000 people, it doesn’t look as good as someone with only a 50 following and 2000 followers. The same applies to websites giving backlinks to each other, though in less extreme ratios.

#5 Study the Analytics Data:

Pick one website analytics tool like Google Analytics, that will help you gain insight into your website visitors. These analytics will further teach you the keyword search patterns, where visitors usually navigate, etc. You may use these results to improve your website’s user experience and reach. With that knowledge, you may plan guaranteed-to-turn-a-profit promotional and content strategies or remove certain website elements that are distracting people off of your landing pages.

Depending on the niche of your website, there can be more strategies. But this should be enough.

Before I conclude, I would like to discuss a method I implement for most of my projects: One Minute Free Traffic (OMFT). I consider it one of the fastest, easiest, most accessible way to get free traffic to a website. If you are interested, you can read its review on my own website. For tons of other actionable tips to get web traffic, you can also explore the Knowledge Base section on my website.

In conclusion, if you take these suggestions and implement them, I am sure you will draw a lot of quality traffic to your website faster than otherwise. If you wanted the fastest turnaround time possible on that, do them all. Hire a virtual assistant, just for one month even, and have them do it for you too, day and night. With that much manpower, so that all 5 of these things are getting done and used together, call me if you’re not getting traffic every day when the month’s over. 😉

Please feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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