How can I attract more customers to close sales deals successfully?

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The sales cycle has two main points, as you have mentioned in the question. In between these points, there is an important point that I see missing here. What?

There can be a possibility, you are aware of that point, and didn’t feel like mentioning it. If you know, great, but a majority of people struggle with it. I believe, that accounts for closing sales more often and for more money/upsells. If you can do that, every single one of the customers you get, on average, is worth much more.

For now, let me give you the exact answer to your question. I will be giving you suggestions that apply to most businesses, whether offline or online. For more specific suggestions, please feel free to leave me a reply.

The five ways in which you can attract customers and close sales deals successfully are as follows:

1) Retaining Existing Customers: For any business, the retention of existing customers costs less than acquiring new ones. Satisfied customers are likely to advocate your product or business to more people. If you make that rewarding for them, then it’s like the cherry on the sundae.

2) Offering Welcome Bonuses and Discounts: Customers always look forward to freebies, bonuses, and discounts. For the acquisition of new customers, it works well.

3) Organizing Events: Depending upon your budget, you can organize events to introduce your business to people. That will help you to reach your target customers. For example, if you are a tattoo artist and have your studio inside a shopping mall, then you can organize tattoo events say at a place near a college, which can help you in attracting more customers as youngsters are more into getting tattooed.

4) Social Media: In recent years, social media has emerged as one of the chief drivers of customers to almost every kind of business. You can create your business’ page on Facebook and make posts targeting your kind of users, who may become your customers in the future. Furthermore, there are paid options to boost posts to increase the reach. Standard social poasting sites are just one example. You can upload videos to YouTube to and grow a subscriber base, or do live social broadcasting. Encouraging users to share your posts, videos, etc. by giving them rewards can get you more customers for sure.

5) Advertisements: Ads can influence people easily, provided you do them right. It depends on your budget, how much you want to spend. The more you spend, the more you will make your business popular, as long as you have a proven, tested ad concept. If not immediate sales, it can improve branding and help in the future. It is advisable to make use of innovative scripts as customers are getting smarter. You can opt for print or online ads, as per your requirements.

Merely implementing the above ways does not guarantee closing sales more, however, they will help attract customers. To do the latter, you need to take into consideration the five most common objections that customers have whenever you approach them. These objections are enough to kill your sales and reduce the effectiveness of any advertising or marketing. I would like to share my experience with that: After doing cold calling for a while, I realized I could not make the sales that I have been expecting. Being into sales, you must know the value of sales figures. After analyzing and discussing with industry experts, I understood my shortcoming and the lesson I learned, I have put that into a form of an informative post.

Yes, I am now talking about that point, which I have touched at the beginning. My post: 5 Deep-Seated Customer Doubts That Kill Your Sales (And How to Erase Them), covers all those objections and suggests solutions for them. 

Though the above five ways of attracting customers can solve your problem, if you want to be sure that you are closing as many sales as possible, getting the most of your customer acquisition efforts, then I recommend you read that post. Covering all the points of that post here will make this answer lengthy.

Good Luck!

Be Positive! Keep Selling!



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