How can I attract new users to a product by lead generation techniques?

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A systematic procedure for lead generation could give you the best leads, which paves the way to a stronger business. With all the responsibilities that leads carry, it becomes necessary to select the right techniques for generating them. Here are five proven ways to attract leads for your business.

Since those techniques depend a lot on the product too, I would appreciate it if after reading this answer, you would reply to me on the details of the product, so that I may suggest something more specific. For now, the five proven ways of doing that are as follows:

1) Application of SEO measures for your website: If you apply proper Search Engine Optimization measures for a website, then it could help gain more traffic by listing the website in early search results pages. Research shows that 70% of users who search for web content on a search engine look for the results on the first page only. In Google, the bottom of page 1 is worlds better than the top of page 2. To have your presence on that first page, SEO improvement would be of great help and, you can generate leads both as a consequence of getting there, and as part of the process. For instance, if your product is a hair trimmer, then it’s likely that anyone who wishes to purchase that would first search for it on a search engine. If somehow, you manage to get your webpage listed in the search results, then it could increase your chances of lead generation. For that, SEO is required. Further, you can make use of Google’s specialized tools, such as Google Adwords.

2) Offer Freebies, Giveaways, and Discounts: That is a common, tested, and efficient technique, which usually works in lead generation. Look for more innovative concepts of doing that. There’s too much I could say on this topic, so I’ll leave it there for now.

3) Blogging: High-quality blog content can get you good leads. Using backlinks form the blog to your website can make users visit the landing page, and you can generate leads with the warm traffic you get from blog readers.

4)Informational/Introductory Offer Videos: This works when creating awareness for a new product. Using informational videos and sharing them in the form of advertisements, social media posts, etc. works well for lead generation. Once you do that, don’t forget to give an introductory offer, and collect leads in the process of customers signing up for it.

5) Referral Schemes: This works when you have initial customers. By encouraging the existing customers to refer new ones, you get more, thereby generating more leads and sales. As a reward, offer them something special that pushes them to refer more customers.

There are many other ways, and important subtleties on how to do these things right, that I have come to know from List Warrior. For beginners to successful list building, like me, List Warrior is one of the most powerful tools I ever invested in to overcome the initial hurdle of building an email list. List Warrior is of great help for anyone who is looking for innovative lead generation techniques. As I am getting the desired results with that, after years of struggling, I now recommend that to anyone who is looking for a systematic method of lead generation.

Please feel free to reply to me if you need more information on List Warrior or any of the points discussed above. I would be pleased to help you.

Good Luck!



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