How can I earn money from writing novels and how to publish it?

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Hi! I am fond of reading novels. Feel free to share your writing with me after reading the answer if you want. Anyways, one can earn money after writing novels and publishing them, provided the readers like the content of the novel and you take the marketing seriously. You cannot publish a book for free online and expect to get discovered. Publishing online is a business, so you have to make all aspects of publishing part of your sphere of focus.

I would assume that you can write well, so, I will not be discussing the quality and the content of your literary work here. If you want more specific discussions on that, please don’t hesitate to reach me by replying to me. I can help you with that, as I’ve been reading and writing for a long time.

Like we just discussed, earning money through novels depends upon the number of readers you have and how much they like your novels, and both of those things, in turn, depend on your dedication to marketing.To get readers, you will have to publish your novels. You can do that in two ways:

1) Taking the help of any publisher to do that for you. Discounting paid publisher services, there are online publishers you can submit to, and if they accept you, that will take some of the work out of your hands. Whether that lack of control is worth it to you, I can’t give blanket statements. You’ll have to decide.

2) Publishing on your own. This takes work, and time, and you’ll have to learn a lot, but it’s not as hard as it might seem, especially if you tackle it like an entrepreneur, and not an artist hoping to make it big. It’s a business. You’re a publisher.

With no intention of discouraging you, if I were to pick one of those two publishing options, then I would choose the latter. Control is like money. There’s a certain amount that you need to make a business work and give it a real chance. With online publishers, you are forgoing control and giving faith to strangers.

Further, publishing takes place through two modes.

1) Offline, that’s the print copy

2) Online, that’s on the internet in a digital form

Here, again, if we see the cost involved, then the latter is significantly better for you, especially starting out. The production costs on eBooks are very cheap. Moreover, other aspects like marketing, advertising, selling, etc. come easy and cheaper.

Let me give you a final recommendation by considering all the above points. Self-publishing your novels online can be the best option and can get you more money, provided you do it right and are in it for the long haul. The assumption made at the beginning of this answer remains the same. However, I would further keep that simple and be positive with it, by letting you know, none is a born great novelist. If somewhere you lack in the quality and tactics in your novels, you can improve them over time. You can publish on other websites also. Most people who made it big in self publishing had two things on their side: they got started early, before they were actually very good writers, and they weren’t afraid of criticism, publicity, and putting themselves out there for the public to find.

A final plan template could be:

1) Get a website. You can do that for free with Wix, WordPress, etc. If you know how to code, that’s good, but getting a website in the way I have suggested is as easy as making an account on a social media site and then writing a post. You will get ample online material for that.

2) Manage to get readers to your website. This is called web traffic. Remember, more traffic means more readers. More readers means more sales, which means more money.

3)Relax! There are many easy ways of doing #2. As an author, your goal is always to get more readers. It never gets more complicated than that. Your job is simply to keep writing, and also keep looking for good ways to get traffic.

To ease your mind, I would like to tell you that I have been into digital marketing for a long time, and for digital marketers, web traffic is top priority. I have tried and tested multiples ways to get traffic to both my websites and client sites over the years.

4) Alternatively, for #2 & #3, you can select a reliable method to get traffic on your website. I use One Minute Traffic Machines (OMTM) for that. If you do it right, side chapters or samples of novels on your website can become your money-making machines. So you can get some money while you’re still building traffic and a reader base.

With the successful implementation of the above steps, you can be popular and get many readers. Having a lot of readers on your side can even get you many reputed publishers, both offline and online, who might be willing to pay you a worthwhile amount and give you a fair deal. This is called hybrid publishing, where an author makes their name independently on their own, which attracts major publishers who support them for their next big project.

In conclusion, by implementing the suggestions discussed in this answer, you can earn money from your novels. Just be aware that it’s going to take work. Lots of people just publish for free on Amazon or wherever to say they did it, and have a couple friends and family read their book. But if you want to make money, and make a career out of it, what I described above is how to do it.

Please feel free to reply to me if you need more information on any of the points discussed above.



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