How can I establish a business’s email marketing campaigns and keep them running throughout the year?

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Marketing campaigns for businesses should always be scheduled ahead a few months, with room to adjust things in advance as needed. With email, that means whatever email series you happen to be sending is something you had planned a while back, and at the same time you are releasing it, you are coming up with new emails that will follow in the near future. You cannot send good marketing on the fly every day, without pre-planning and scheduling.

Those’s my immediate recommendation, but for more, let’s quickly explore the four best practices for establishing a business’s email marketing campaigns:

1) Building the lists:

The success of an email marketing campaign depends largely on the size of the list being marketed to, and the quality of the subscribers. You should always be asking yourself not just how your email campaign can market your current subscribers, but also attract new ones for a bigger campaign next time.

With a lot of initial hurdles involved in building a list, many people prefer to purchase lists or use their old lists and try to shuffle people who subscribed under one context into another. Do not do either of those. I would not recommend purchasing a list when you can easily build a list with active subscribers, with time and a little effort in the right places. I have been using List Warrior for building my own subscriber lists.

2) Make use of reusable email templates:

Instead of writing entirely original emails from scratch, again and again, you can save time by making use of reusable email templates. This doesn’t mean literal swipes, or copy-paste emails with just a few words or links changed. But think of it like mad-libs. The general structure is the same, but there’s a lot of room to get creative and contextual.

3) Keep your email content informative and useful: 

Nowadays, no one has time to read long emails. Keep the content short, apt, and to the point. Make sure it is useful to the subscribers, but also interesting enough for them to realize it. Make use of social proof, visuals, liberal use of white space in the text, etc. 

4) Subject lines should be eye-catching:

A subject line should attract subscribers into clicking, without making them feel tricked when they do. Keep the subject lines short, eye-catching, and relevant to the content inside.

Top-notch email marketers all use these guidelines. I can suggest more tips, specific to your business. Please don’t hesitate to share more details by replying to me after you complete reading this answer. If implemented in the right manner, email marketing can be incredibly successful. Since the above practices do not involve additional or recurring expenses except your time and efforts, you can run an email marketing campaign throughout the year, with the confidence that it’s going to pay off more and more as you grow your audience.

Please feel free to contact me if you want more information on any of the points discussed in this answer.

Good Luck!



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