How can I generate leads to my website?

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I will give a very straightforward answer to your question. After reading my answer, then applying the method which gave me good results, your reaction for sure would be “Holy Crap, Free Traffic Was This Easy?”

The reason I used the word “traffic” in the last paragraph is, you seem to be aware of the technical terms used in the context of lead generation. If not, here’s a piece of quick information for you.  A lead is a person or business who may sooner or later become your client. For a business having an online presence, these leads are initially the visitors to any website or a web page. If your website treats them well by serving  valuable content, then they may turn to be prospective customers. Managing to get a good number of visitors which in turn will be helpful in lead generation is the main problem for which many people try different methods. Such as:

Buying leads: through things like pay-per-click ads, media advertisement, etc.

Borrowing leads: through things like influencer marketing.

Building leads: through content marketing and online networking.

Each of these three have their basic, common tactics. At times, these common methods may work well, but are conventional and have limits.

Sticking to the point, I will suggest you a self-tried One Minute Free Traffic method.  If you need traffic (and everyone does) this is simply the best bang for your buck. It teaches you a virtually effortless method for learning how to get free traffic to a website, whether for an eCommerce business, a local store’s website, an affiliate marketer, it doesn’t matter. Very few people are capitalizing on this because it doesn’t sound like something that would work for getting traffic off the cuff, and yet it does, if you do it right. You may read my post REVIEW: One Minute Free Traffic, that may help. I had a very good experience with OMFT. It gave me amazing results for minimum effort or headaches.

I wish this works well for you too.

Good Luck!



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