How can I generate organic traffic on a new blog, free of cost?

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Everyone wants traffic to his/her website as it is a source of income and a way to become popular and famous online. From your question, it seems you have a basic understanding of the terminologies related to web traffic. I appreciate that, as I can keep things brief.

The traffic to a blog depends upon its niche, the quality of the content, and the consistency of your effort. That third point is especially crucial when you want free organic traffic. It does take work. It’s not agonizingly difficult, but seriously, you do need to commit to a specific game plan and execute it.

Here are four proven ways in which you can get free traffic to your blog, particularly a stream of consistent, persistent traffic.

1) Writing Guest Posts

With this, you write guest posts for other blogs, related to yours. In return, you may get high-quality backlinks to your blog. This is technically a traffic borrowing strategy, which is more about the sudden, temporary boost in visits that don’t last, but the persistent backlink counts as an ongoing, usually evergreen source of hits for years afterward.

2) Using Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. are undoubtedly one of the most common and effective ways. Since it’s common, there’s more competition, and what matters most is creating engaging posts with good quality images, graphics, videos, trending hashtags, etc. Studying your target audience may help you focus better.

3) Activities in Online Communities

If the traffic does not come to you, then you can go to it. Be active on discussion forums or communities such as Quora. Share valuable information. As a result, people will find you.

4) A Good User Experience

Ultimately, traffic is going to land on your blog if you’re doing at least a little promotion. But revisits to a website contributes a lot to your daily visitor count, and that depends on the user experience. Serving valuable content, plus providing a good interface and captivating visuals, are some of the key points that add up to good user experience.

By implementing the above ways in the right manner and more research from your end, you can get traffic. Since yours is a new blog, I would suggest you wait for a few months to see the exact results, and above all, COMMIT to a simple plan with only one or two things that you do every day. In the meanwhile, keep on posting high-quality content regularly. For sure, your content will get better over time, and you’ll learn the little tricks to improve promotion results for your niche, and the results will improve more and more as a result.

If you need quick results with a few minutes of work per day, I would suggest you implement the One Minute Free Traffic (OMFT) method.

Please feel free to reply to me if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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