How can I get genuine web traffic on my travel portal?

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I like to travel and want to explore more places soon, so I spend a lot of time checking out travel portals set around detonations I’m interested in. Perhaps what I just said gave you a hint on what I’m going to say.

Every website needs web traffic. But that traffic is of value only if it is genuine. In your case, genuine traffic consists of visitors who are fond of traveling or want to travel, and who found your site for that reason. The visitors who reach your website should come by interest, in other words, you need to meet them halfway. Fine where they go and lead them to you from there.

It may seem easy but requires consistent effort. There are many ways of bringing genuine traffic to a website. One such method is One Minute Free Traffic (OMFT). But here are five suggestions for you (#5 is my best one for you):

#1 Improve the SEO of your website.

#2 Optimize your website for mobile.

#3 Implement smart email marketing techniques.

#4 Promote your portal through social media posts.

#5 Create MULTIPLE blogs for your travel portal.

Regarding #5, travel is an enormous industry, which crosses over deeply into countless other topics like history, activism, exotic food, personal development, family life, romance, etc. The businesses I helped in the travel market always drew traffic through a huge, diverse blogging/influencer campaign. Blogs about all these different things that had lots of readers and good reasons to point their audiences back at your travel portal.

No need to rely solely on blogs of your own creation, although that does help. If you can afford to pay or do JV deals with other bloggers, that’s where I’d suggest you go. It works especially well with travel companies.

By implementing the above suggestions with more research from your end, you can get quality traffic to your travel portal. Also, as previously discussed, you can implement OMFT if you are seeking a long term solution with a few minutes of work per day. I’d recommend that if you’re not at a scale where you can afford the JV blogging idea yet.

Please feel free to reply to me if you need more explanation on the points suggested above.

Good Luck!



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