How can I get more traffic to my blogger blog ?

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The best way for one website can be the worst for another. That said, there are a few universal tips that ought to shorten the time needed to build your site’s popularity. Let’s discuss more.

Before I proceed further, I would like to say nice choice in topic and concept of your website. You’ve picked a profitable niche. There are areas of the site I would improve, but that’s a different side to audience and brand building for another time, perhaps.. In this answer, I will suggest some key points to get more traffic based upon my analysis of your website.

Every time you write/add a new article, I would recommend you spend more time doing the SEO of your articles. There is no doubt you must be doing that, but you can make use of available tools if you aren’t yet. Some other points are:

#1 Make the titles of the articles more attractive and ensure to add keywords within the first 100 words of the articles, as it helps encourage better rankings in search results.

#2 To have better headlines, I would like to share a formula which I have recently come across:

Trigger Word + Adjective + Keyword + Promise. This works really well for how-tos.

For example:

How to improve the SEO of a website can be written as: How to effortlessly improve the SEO of your website in less than 60 minutes. (And then obviously deliver on that promise with good information. 🙂

Another good idea is simply to find questions people ask online, make an article that answers that, and title it with the question. For instance, “Can I Make Money Online With YouTube?” If a lot of people are asking a question (a lot of results when you search exactly that), it may be worth making an article.

#3 Make use of backlinks. Both the internal and external links are helpful in this regard, but we’re talking about organic traffic here. Internal links are great because the initial fans you get are likely to look at more pages and spend more time on your site. You want every visitor as interested as possible, make it easy for them to keep exploring and reading. That way, you net more passionate readers over time who will tell others about your site.

#4 Add more visual elements to the blog. VIDEO performs better than text, picture, or any other things. People like to watch a video. Even if the site is a blog, a lot of the most successful blogs have been implementing video in some form.

#5 Make the best possible use of social media websites for sharing the content. Social media websites are a reliable source of website traffic.

Organic traffic is only really going to come from building a strong presence with regular, well-optimized content. By implementing the above points, you can get more organic traffic. To be clear, I have deliberately focused on article writing tips in this answer, since when you’re starting out, content is really the only way to build that initial organic online presence.

You can make use of a proven method which I am using presently for my ongoing projects, which is OMFT.

Please feel free to reply to me if you seek more specific suggestions.

Good Luck!



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