How can I get more traffic to my ebook library/blog website?

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There can be multiple answers to this question, as it depends on whether you are primarily an author, publisher, or simply the owner of an ebook library. Whatever it may be, ultimately you need more quality traffic. I will assume you are primarily a publisher or library, based on your wording.

Let’s see what it takes to get some more traffic and readers.

I assume you mean, through the way you worded the question, that an ebook library functions similarly to a blog, as visitors are ultimately going to read the content. And here’s where your marketing skills make a difference in traffic and monetization since that’s probably part of the goal for you. Here follows an open secret:

Provide an exciting free sample of whatever your library has to offer, and for more content, there’s no harm in requiring some kind of membership.” For instance, one book in a popular series could be free, and signing up as a library member gives the person permanent e-book copies of the whole series, ideally readable through only your site or app.

A simple format like that to draw people in should do the trick, plus the following necessary elements of a successful website campaign:

#1 Do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website on a regular basis. SEO is how you never come up with a boring, ignored blog post or other pieces of content again. You first decide “what do people want” by looking it up, not coming up with an idea, and trying to find people who might care about it.
You need to do Keyword Research and take into consideration the search volume, something with a decent amount of people searching it per month, but also not already taken by really dominant websites. You can still shoot for hard keywords, they just take more time and effort.

Also, don’t forget to write meta titles and descriptions for all the pages of your website that match what you’re trying to rank for. You don’t have to exactly match all the time, nor should you avoid exact matches entirely, neither is better than the other all the time. Just keep it natural. Again, all content should be SEO optimized without being forced or fake. That’s what leads to the best growth.

#2 Ensure the content of your ebooks are of high quality and offer something valuable. As the owner of a digital library, you are a content curator, and it says a lot about your site, what you allow and don’t allow on it.

Assuming you don’t already have some sort of strict theme, such as educational books, and you’re more of a general library, you can still be stringent about quality. The fact is, there are a lot of bad books in the world. I mean that literally, badly made. Poor type facing, low-quality covers, and yes, self-published amateur writers who don’t get their work professionally edited. Be better than this, or at least temper how much amateur or subpar work you allow into your pool of ebooks.

#3 Make an email list of the existing visitors on your website, send them regular updates, basically don’t shirk doing a bit of email marketing. A good email welcome series can turn first-time visitors into dedicated fans, who then bring new visitors to your website, some of whom also convert to converting fans, and on it goes. Then, you can message them all at once about something important, when the list has built up. By nature of how digital libraries work, you already have your user’s emails, assuredly, so you just have to analyze how you can build the list, your userbase, faster, and then market to them effectively.

#4 Build a strong social media presence that describes and sells your ebooks. Plenty out there about social media marketing already.

#5 Depending on the availability of your budget, you can experiment with PPC ads. If you’re gonna do this, be prepared to spend at least 500 dollars on a continuous campaign over the course of a few months. Otherwise, you’re just not in the right place to experiment fully and not let fear of loss drive your advertising. You are not going to make PPC ads work for just one week and turn a $10 daily budget into a few new memberships per day, it’s just not going to happen that fast 99% of the time, at least for beginners.

#6 Smartly implement giveaways, freebies, discounts, offers, contests, etc. Give value.

#7 Creating blog posts out of the content of the ebooks on your website and then sharing that on social media can get you lots of quality traffic. How can the main thing you offer to be turned into smaller, enticing, bite-sized pieces?

You might want to check out a program called One Minute Free Traffic. OMFT is a short online course that teaches a specific method to drive traffic to any website, regardless of niche, with just a few minutes of work per day. You can see its review on my website.

The suggestions of this answer have helped many of my readers. Hopefully, you’ll hit your next big breakthrough as well, early into the new year. I frequently share actionable tips to get web traffic in the Knowledge Base section on my website if you want anything more similar to what I’ve discussed so far.

Feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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