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Every blogger needs more and more traffic to his/her posts, but when everybody is trying to get something, it’s going to take a little extra effort or cleverness to get ahead of them. Usually, when people ask how to get traffic more easily, it’s because they either miscalculated the effort involved in a legitimate method or they are relying on a traffic method that is not sustainable in the long-run for beginners, such as PPC ads.

Below are seven strategies that I implement to grow traffic to my blogs. The more you focus and build your skills and traffic systems, particularly in the aspects listed below, the easier traffic will become for each new post you publish.

Let’s explore.

#1 Optimize your post for SEO.

#2 Make sure the content you post is of high-quality and provides value to its readers.

#3 Promote your post on social media platforms.

#4 Use target keywords in the content.

#5 Make titles, subheadings, etc. that rank and get more traffic.

#6 Present your post as a solution to the ongoing discussions in online discussion forums and groups.

#7 If you have an email list, then share an excerpt of your post to the subscribers of that list. If you don’t have a list, you can build it with a specialized method like List Warrior(LW) for the posts you make in the future. Email is a really important aspect of return traffic.

Besides these tips, patience is key and you should keep on making consistent efforts, as it takes time to drive traffic, nothing fruitful happens overnight. If you want to implement a specialized method that most of the professional bloggers implement, to cut down on the patience needed, then I would check out One Minute Free Traffic (OMFT). After trying and testing several methods to drive traffic, I rely on OMFT whenever I want long-term site-growth. You can see its review on my website if you are interested.

Feel free to reply and/or share the link to your post for more specific suggestions.

Good Luck!



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