How can I improve my copywriting business form, 1-3 visitors, to a few hundred per day?

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Hi! You can do that easily, but it requires an investment in the form of consistent effort and time. Everything, especially web traffic, takes time to grow. Let’s discuss more.

I have been into copywriting for a long time, and eventually shifted into offering not just that, but general website construction advice and project management. Being into this stuff, I have tried and tested multiple ways of increasing traffic to a website.

I am not aware of the scale of the service you offer, whether you’re a freelancer using a blog to slowly attract clients or you run a big company with many copywriters as employees or contractors. I’ve seen and worked with both.   I would appreciate it if you would share a link to your website and share some info on what your journey has been like so far.

Moving on, and to not complicate the discussion, I will keep my suggestions short. Please don’t hesitate to reply to me if you seek more information on any of the points discussed in this answer. I would be pleased to help you.

Now then, you are running a service business, which means that presenting a clear impression of your knowledge in copywriting is important. Copywriting connects to many other aspects of marketing, so you can create content (based on good SEO terms) that would appeal to people who also want copywriting services. If you don’t have a blog yet, definitely start one, and put some serious effort into it.

I also recommend making a knowledge-base, if you have the resources for it and aren’t a freelancer on your own. This is a great place to curate content and direct people back and forth, from inspirational and surface-level blog posts to the more detailed articles in the base.

You also should try to implement video into your content. There’s not much to say that people don’t already know by now: video is engaging and draws people’s attention.

Finally, I also think you should try to network with similar businesses or influencers and try to organize events, such as webinars. Give away knowledge that is especially powerful, such as a detailed case study on a business you helped with your copywriting. People love to see the full success story of how a product transformed their life. Host these regularly, and make it only possible to find out when they are and register by visiting the website or seeing your marketing, such as being an email subscriber.

All of this is the stuff that you may already be doing, and if so, pardon me. But it felt necessary to mention.

Now, let’s proceed to the most effective way of building daily traffic. I make use of One Minute Traffic Machines (OMTM), which is a several-hour-long video program teaching you how to get free traffic from just a few minutes of work per day. My experience with OMTM so far has been amazing, and it is my recommendation for anyone who wishes to grow the number of visitors to his/her website.

In conclusion, if it has been a long time and you are not getting visitors, then you ought to apply any systematic method. The one I just described is what I’ve seen work, and built for, multiple copywriting businesses of varying sizes. Above all else, give up on transforming your site’s popularity in a certain amount of time. We entrepreneurs are an impatient bunch, I know, but it always takes a while to see results, say, at least a month.

Please don’t forget to share the results with me once you successfully implement my suggestions.

Good Luck!



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