How can I increase my website on the first page of Google?

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I assume you mean how can you get your website listed on the first page of the search results of Google… that matter to you. That’s key.

Google technically has an ocean of first pages you could rank for, and in fact, most websites that are indexed but never get popular aren’t really invisible, it’s just that they just are associated with their own name, and nothing more, or with keywords that people don’t actually look up.

What you need, I’m sure, is to get your site at the top of a page where potential interested visitors will be searching. Let’s get into how you can do that.

Google’s job is basically one giant directory of stuff online. The better you optimize and categorize your site to say “Hey Google, I’m really relevant in these categories, put me in them,”, the more visitors you will get in those categories, by being higher ranked in their search terms. It’ll take work, but it’s doable. Let’s discuss more.

Here are five tips I would give my past self:

#1 Live and breathe SEO. Become an SEO nerd, seriously. It will make you so much money. The rest of the tips will be more specific, but seriously, make it a habit to keep optimizing, like exercise, to make your site more credible. Day by day, it will add up to something great.

#2 Write meta titles and descriptions for all the pages of your websites.

#3 Identify the target keywords and use those keywords in the content of your website. You can make use of free and paid online tools to identify which keywords to use, and it’ll really be up to you to figure out how to use those keywords naturally. You can’t fake it by just stuffing them into content that isn’t truly relevant. Get creative.

#4 Get quality backlinks for your website. Maintain the golden ratio and ensure that your site is associated with one particular thing. Lead with that, it’ll help you rank.

#5 Writing long-form content can increase your reach, thereby making you more discoverable for the algorithms of Google, and also other search engines that cooperate with Google. What I mean is, long-form content is great by itself, but you can then take portions of it and use it as social content, which gets you more attention.

Do all of that, and you’ll get there. Feel free to reply, if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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