How can one live a financial freedom life by reading any famous books?

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To be fair, nothing will happen with just reading. Yes, if you learn from them, and apply those things, then that is possible. Ifs and buts may be enough for that, but it has been possible for me. How?

The meaning of financial freedom is different for everyone. In general, financial freedom means having enough residual income to cover the financial expenses for the rest of one’s life. It does not mean that you become very rich, but it is enough that you have time to do your hobbies and do not worry about earning money. The definition may vary from person to person, so for the time being, to limit our discussion on that and get to the point, let us assume that financial freedom is something that makes a person enjoy his life freely without bothering to struggle hard to earn for his livelihood, and without spending much money on anything extravagant, like private jets.

Coming straight to the point, I strongly support the context of your question. For my financial freedom, the credit goes to a famous book “The 4-Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferriss. That’s one of the oldest, famous, and biggest books on making money online. It is not that, before reading this book, I was not earning anything, or there was any compulsion. My expenses and hobbies are limited, and the amount I was earning was enough for them. But I was working too much. There was a shortage of time that I wanted to spend with my family, and I used to worry about the future, how things would end up if they continued this way, and I could not see any real security for the future. Well, life continued as it was supposed to. I have been fond of reading books from the beginning, even though academic books didn’t connect with me well; still, however, as and when I get time, I read books at every opportunity. Finally, I got a chance to read that book, on the recommendation of my close friend, who happens to be an online entrepreneur.

As the days passed, my interest in that book kept increasing. Just what then? Along with my job, I kept implementing whatever I learned from that book. After I started gaining from that, I quit my job. Although, I was looking for an opportunity to do that long before. One should not understand from my story that the book gave me a secret mantra, and all my problems were solved instantly. Work had to be done even before and even after the book. It’s simple that now, the method has changed.

The book taught me a smarter way to work and earn money online, such that now I have time and money. I am in a much better position than someone spending most of their waking hours to make a million dollars. I make more than enough, while also making it from a short amount of time every day, and I can do that work from anywhere in the world. Best of all, there is no plateau, I can keep improving my prospects and make more for my minimal time investment. With a system like that, the future seems to be secure. With the financial freedom that I achieved from that book, now I have time to enjoy and feel the minutest things of my life, as little as feeling the happiness in drinking a cup of coffee while seeing the view of the sunset from my room, whether that’s at home or across the globe.

The reason for telling my own story is that anyone can know what the importance of a good book can be in life and how life can change. Many books are worthy of carrying anyone to financial freedom.

That book can be helpful for anyone who reads it, whether an employee, an entrepreneur, a housewife, a college student, etc. It is a very inspirational book with lots of stories of the people who succeeded. The book covers four critical aspects of working far less for more money, through an acronym called DEAL, and that’s the key to financial freedom.

Seeing the length of the answer, I am bound to limit my words. If you are interested in reading that book and changing the way you work for a livelihood, I would recommend you to read my honest review of that book. That post also gets into what DEAL means.

In the end, I would say that everything is possible in life, provided we have a strong determination to pursue our goals and accordingly make efforts for that. Someone has rightly said: “Books are uniquely portable magic.”

Good Luck! Stay Positive!



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