How can one start to write and publish articles to start earning? What are the various platforms to get them published and how?

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It is an interesting question. Let us start with the earning part first. To get earning your articles should catch the attention of your readers. The quality of your content determines how well you are paid, which gets better with time and practice.

The very first step is to decide on which topics you will be writing. If you are writing on trending topics such as technology, travel, sports, etc. then you should keep in mind that many writers come out with new articles every other day. You may call it a competition. In short, your topic selection matters a lot.

After you have decided on your niche on which you will be writing, then there are many platforms where you can get it published. You will get a lot of suggestions for various platforms; I will not be using many words on this. This page might help. Some of these sites have monetization built-in for writers who do well. I will suggest you at least start blogging on a website of your own. You can create a website with Wix, WordPress, etc.

Once you are done with all these steps (of course, it will take some time and serious effort), the next thing to think about will be earning. In short, you need visitors to your site to read, like, and share your articles so that you become a top writer in your field. I wish you earn a lot and spend days counting it (You never know.)

Technically speaking, these visitors are the traffic to your website or webpage. This traffic can turn your published writing into your own money-making machine. If you’re interested in the method that has worked best for me personally, my review article One Minute Traffic Machines Review can be of great help. It worked for me, hopefully, whatever you go with works for you and you start earning money.

Good Luck!


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