How can we change our career to digital marketing?

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An extremely good question to ask. Digital marketing is a lucrative career option.

Many people are switching over to digital marketing gigs and business models these days since so many people and businesses need help marketing themselves online. You can be right there for people, offering a service that is in huge demand and not going to fade out anytime soon.

Let’s discuss how one can change his/her career to digital marketing.

Before I get into more details, I would like to make it clear that this answer can be helpful for anyone who is looking for a fresh start in the field of digital marketing as well as a mid-career switch.

Digital marketing is nothing more than the digital subset of marketing. With the growing usage of the internet and everything going online/digital, marketing naturally has spread into the digital realm too. The topics are sometimes different, dealing with stuff like search engines, online ads, social media, email marketing, etc. Other times, they are few differences with digital, and it’s still the same general mindsets, skillsets, and attitudes defining who succeeds and who fails.

Assuming you are aware of this and dedicated to making a switch, I will get straight to the point.

Five steps to help you make the switch:

Step 1: Evaluate how much you know about Digital Marketing already. The point is to gather the basic details of a system, how it works, why it works, etc. Not just theoretically, you must know the practical details. My policy is that I don’t pass any task on to my employees unless I have done it myself for at least twenty four total hours. That way I can teach it effectively and I can understand and answer the questions an employee might have about it.

Step 2: Level up your most relevant skill. Your best combination of high-income opportunity and a great portfolio of experience, whatever skill that maybe, do some more of that. Educate yourself with new courses, practice, do something.

Step 3: Once you go through a course or project or something to learn the basics and make progress toward earning money online, start experimenting with what you have learned so far. Success leaves clues on what to do, and it’s often about finding one thing that works, among ten options, and just mining it out. If something works, do it again.

Step 4: Consider getting some professional experience. You can take on some part-time jobs and even do freelancing, till you get fully ready to make a switch. In the end, I feel being a business owner is the best thing a person can do with digital marketing, financially, but there’s nothing wrong with standard jobs, gig work, and freelancing.

Step 5: Once you finally feel confident and start making enough money, you can make a full-time switch or start/grow your own online business. For the latter, if you are interested, let me know and I can give you some advice.

Through the above steps, you can make a career transition into digital marketing. If it’s a mid-career transition, I would suggest not leaving your previous job until you make enough money and then some, for maximum security. If you are mentally and financially prepared to test yourself even if you don’t make enough money, then you can make a sudden switch if you feel it’s worth it. If you are young or fresh to this career path, then you don’t need to think about it at all. Just get in your reps and start earning money.

One of my articles, “I’m Ready to Quit My Job YESTERDAY, How Do I Do It?” might have some info that will also help you, in this area.

Feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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