How did you get back to the track after getting fired?

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Getting back on track, for me, was not easy. It took a lot of time to bring things back to normal. After being laid off from my job, I ran into depression as I had no backup. Ultimately, I just stopped caring out of necessity, and I took charge of my life. The credit of what I am today goes to the lessons that I learned during that transition. I had to learn to stop caring, and then step caring about the guilt of no longer caring, and so on. I got over myself and I adapted to my situation. That’s what you have to do as well.

I don’t want anyone to go through the situations that I experienced during those tough times, but I know people will, so what can I do? Other than say “Here’s what I did. Do exactly that and you’ll get out of it. Eventually. If you want it badly enough, you’ll get back on track and it’ll be like nothing happened.”

If I can help just one person and speak to them with this advice, all this time writing answers will have been worth it. Seriously. This is an extremely important question.

If you’re willing to commit, if you’re not just shopping around for ways to feel better, but you want to get back on the horse right now, then let’s talk turkey.

As discussed above, I did a lot of things to get back on track. It was more an attitude that I approached to every little question and situation, rather than a singular tactic. I just kept asking “Okay, I accept that. What can I do about it? If literally no one is going to help me, but me, then what can I do about it right now?” Seriously, ask yourself that. Have you hit the point of no return, where you absolutely need to get another job, or another source of income, and you will change yourself, become better, to make it happen? Or not? Do you need more time to wallow and feel bad about yourself, like most people do? Or are you ready for the thrill ride of your life?

I want you to understand that this is an emotional, psychological matter, which means that, in my opinion, it lies largely with your willpower and your opinion of yourself. But you, and no one else, have complete control over that. Do you have a high opinion of yourself? You should. Why? Because it provably increases the number of opportunities that suddenly present themselves to you. People like optimistic, confident people, even if it’s only a front.

If I could go back and do certain things differently, I could waste all my time thinking about what-ifs. But my suggestions are worth it. That’s what my readers say. I know, for a fact, that my attitude is correct. I have 150 percent certainty, and no one can shake it. You need to develop that for yourself. And I can inspire it, but ultimately, it’s down to how badly do you want it.

Okay, you get it. I just wanted to explain the emotional position you need to be in before any of this is actually going to work.

Now, if that’s you, here are five things one should do to get back to the track after being fired:

#1 Understand and analyze the reason for your termination. If there is something you can do to enhance your profile, work on it now. If you were fired due to downsizing, discuss with your seniors if there is another suitable option for you in the same organization. Usually, once fired, people do not want to work at the same place. In my point of view, there is no harm in it, though specific and personal reasons may exist. Try to keep on good terms with your previous employer, but if they don’t want you, then that’s their problem. You need to not let anyone else’s potential opinion impact you, at all. Take the information, fine, but not the emotion. They have no idea who you are, really. Only you know what you are capable of. Only you can decide.

#2 File for unemployment allowances, provided your state/country has budgetary provisions for that. Those allowances can help you to be free to some extent to the financial worries that come from not having a regular job. In my opinion, getting over this and just doing it kind of gets you fully conscious and realizing that you need to pick yourself up and get yourself employed again, or start a business. One of the two. That, or run away to a deserted island somewhere, lol.

 #3 Give yourself a proper time to de-stress and self-care. There are multiple ways in which you can do

that. During this time, analyze your strengths and weaknesses, but at other points, just forget about it. Give yourself a break and tell yourself “I’ve done enough for today. Now for the fun stuff.” You need to create that sense of order to your day, running things with a clear definition. Don’t have any job offers yet? Tomorrow I’ll send some more proposals. Today I sent five, that’s good enough. And if I maintain this level of persistence, I will get a result quickly, which will only motivate me more.” Etcetera.

#4 Update your resume/CV and start looking for jobs that match your skills. Employ the latest smart ways of job searching, which is by keywords. Update your social media profiles, make use of your references/links for searching jobs. It probably won’t do anything, but it’s worth trying. Just kidding, it actually is worth trying. It’s worth trying a lot! I just want you to come at it from that level, so you know to stay persistent.

#5 Work on your hard and soft skills. Develop new skills per the market’s requirements. Practice for interviews.

Above all, the key is to stay optimistic and not feel demotivated. If you do, pretend to cry about it in front of a friend. Seriously. Laugh it off. If you don’t get a job for a long time, no problem, search for alternative ethical ways to earn money, without scamming people or working for peanuts. My life came back on track when I decided making money online was more important to me than anything else. That kind of central focus is what defeated my depression and changed everything, in a way I can’t fully describe.

Now I have no job, and just collect money for managing people. Seriously, a little bit of time and attention, and a constant effort to learn new things, is all it takes to completely dominate in life. I tell this to every person who asks about getting a new job because it just seems unfair not to let you know. It’s not that hard once you dive in. You can start a business and make it work if you have that fire in your belly.

I am thankful to everyone who helped me in those difficult times, and as a result, I am in a position to help other people. But one should be very cautious in that. There are many illegitimate ways, and fraudulent sites/people all operating in the name of online money making. So I am trying to present the actual way to pick yourself up psychologically, as well as the tactics you need to concretely get a new job, or start making money another way. One of the two.

Now then, with all that being said, I want you to know that if you do get a new job, treat it cautiously. Every job has insecurities. Nothing is forever. Even if you have a well-paying job and you feel settled in it, you should always have a backup plan. My philosophy is to practice 3S every day. That means, to stay Strong, improve your Skills, and work Smart, not hard. I have discussed those 3Ss in detail with some more useful tips in my post: I’m Ready to Quit My Job YESTERDAY, How Do I Do It?. That post can be helpful for anyone who is trying to get back on track and/or does not want to stay off the track for a long time.

In conclusion, with a positive outlook toward life, patience, and efforts in the right direction, one can get back on track after getting fired. It will not be easy. It will probably not be fast. But either way, you will come out of it stronger, better, and wealthier. I believe that you will, so prove me right. 🙂

Please don’t hesitate to reply if you have any questions. I am always pleased to offer more specific advice to people.

Good Luck! Stay Positive!



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