How do I build an email list at an affordable price?

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A very good question! And you’re not alone, I guarantee that.

For an online business, email lists are vital. Email list building seems like a hurdle to most online marketers. But, once you know the smart ways of building a list, it’s actually pretty fun. Here are a few suggestions for you.

There are many ways of building an email list. Here are five ways for you:

#1 Creating a landing page: A landing page is (usually) not accessible from the main navigation, and you make it for specialized purposes, in this case a sign-up form. People then do promotion and/or advertising with links taking people to this page. As for how to convince people to sign up, you can offer something for free that they would like (see #4), run a giveaway they can participate in by signing up, or allow them to register for some kind of event, like a webinar, by giving their email address.

#2 Creating an exit-intent popup: This popup comes into action when the user moves their mouse to leave the website. By using catchy lines in the popup, you can finally attract someone who was otherwise just going to leave and never come back.

#3 Creating a static sign-up form: With this you directly ask the website visitor to provide his/her email address, usually as a side widget on content-heavy websites like a blog. So if people like the blog and want updates, they can sign up to get them via email.

#4 Offering freebies: People always look forward to freebies. Offering some sort of valuable product for free like an ebook, pdf, etc. in exchange for an email address is an effective and natural way to build a list. After all, if they want the free thing, they need to give you a place to send it, and after they’ve expressed interest, why wouldn’t you email them with more stuff similar to the freebie?. This is the most common tactic I see across countless industries online.

#5 Creating surveys on the website:  Quizzes are good, too. The quiz or survey asks questions around a problem or issues the target audience is likely to have, and by analyzing the survey results, you can draft the solution to the problem that leads them into checking out more of your content, buying your products, or whatever you want. Just require the person to submit their email so you can deliver their results to them that way, and you’re done.

By implementing the above ways, you can build an email list. I would focus on one or two and put them together. If you’re willing to spend a little money for faster results, I would suggest List Warrior (LW). You can get that at the price of a coffee mug and it sped up my weekly list growth by about 4 times. Still need to optimize it and apply all the training, though, so it could be even better than that. With LW, you can learn the basics of email list building and get good results after implementing the specific, unique points learned.

Please feel free to leave me a reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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