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Once anyone makes a blog, the next challenge is to drive traffic to it. It is a complex task when it concerns a tech blog, but only in terms of quality and expectations of the audience. Finding out what points and topics to draw traffic with in tech is relatively simple. To illustrate what I mean, think about how many tech blogs exist as merely an extension of a broader website. The key is to know what you’re talking about, basically, your content is good enough to compete, and to have a good promotion strategy.

I don’t know the exact tech topic of your blog, but I’ll assume it’s well defined and meets the needs of a specific niche. Whatever be the case, here are a few tips.

Five actionable tips to drive traffic to a tech blog:

1) Use proper keywords in the content

For any website, content is king. To take advantage of content for driving traffic through search engines, one should use valuable, reasonably competitive keywords in your content, and as the basis for the blog’s posts. Do thorough research on promising keywords before writing the content. There’s no point trying to optimize a post with keywords when its topic isn’t relevant, as it’ll just feel like stuffing. There are many free and paid tools available that you can use to figure out what people in your market are searching, and from there, it should be easy to figure out ideas for posts. A little time spent on this could help a lot in the future. Moreover, it’s not just about making sure your content is engaging according to what’s topical. The usage of proper keywords improves the ranking of a website on a technical level, increasing search engine rankings. 

2) Make users spend more time on your blog

Engaging and high-quality content will do that for you. There’s too much to say about what makes content engaging and effective to explain here. Still, most blogs have comments, and if you have a decent audience already, you can listen to what they have to say as a basis for future improvements and adjustments to your content. If you’re too early for that, look at comments on similar blogs.

3) Build a social media presence

Social media platforms are my personal recommendation to anyone who is looking for ways to get traffic to his/her blog. Many of them function quite similarly to blogging platforms, and they tap into a similar desire to chill out and read something under a niche topic. Since most people spend a lot of their time on social media websites, they are naturally a good source of traffic volume. All you need is to look out for smarter tactics of identifying your audience, meet them where they hang out on the sites, and then offer valuable content to them in the form of posts and advertisements (you can choose the latter if your budget allows that), and after piquing their interest with social content that offers a sample of what you write about, you can directly ask them to visit their website or use subtle calls to action and links.

4) Focus on building trust and community

In other words, you have to portray your blog as trustworthy to your visitors. You made your site out of love for the topic and people similar to you, and they need to believe that. Once a visitor starts trusting you, it is likely, he/she would recommend your blog to more people, in person and through shares on social media.

There’s so much to say about trust-building, but it all comes down to reach out and be real. Never just claim to be an expert in something, rather provide proof. If you’re not an expert, admit it. You can brand your blog as about a person going on a journey to learn the topic in question. You can also understand this point in another way, like, why would anyone trust your blog over someone else? Do you come across as a real person, compared to your competition? What has your competition never dared to say, that you could? These are ideas that help you get word of mouth on your side.

5) Do guest blogging

It might seem strange to write for someone else. But it works, and it shows you aren’t entirely focused on yourself, thinking back to #4. You can make use of personal contacts or directly approach someone to write on his/her blog. Come up with a good idea their audience would enjoy. In return, you can offer that blogger to write for your blog too, or just ask that they include a backlink at the end of the post. If their readers like your content, they will visit your blog.

There are groups where you can meet bloggers who are looking for these kinds of arrangements but be careful. Simply pasting a request in comments/discussion forums is not going to work, you have to communicate and form a connection to somebody. You may just be better off communicating with blogs similar to yours that you like and let the possibility of a guest post come to you naturally, then contact them about it. In general, for any kind of publicity online, I find that doing it this way, the more natural way, is more effective than joining groups of people looking for the exact same result that you are.

You can share the link of your blog in the reply if you want more detailed advice. But discounting that, I can confidently say that the above will get a good volume of traffic to your blog, as long as you commit to it.

If I were to suggest a specific method that works for me, then it would be One Minute Free Traffic (OMFT).  OMFT works regardless of the niche, but it’s helped me with my own work building blogs for tech companies. You can also check the Knowledge Base section on my website to see the answers to many similar questions and get tons of actionable tips.

To sum up, the suggestions in this answer can work for you. They may not sound new or exciting, but they worked five years ago and they still work now. As you move forward with the ideas suggested above, you will begin to experience an increase in your blog’s traffic, and you’ll also build multiple skills that you can use in other similar areas. For instance, if you can get popular on one social platform, you can get popular on another, and another. Expect a waiting period before results come in, though. You get out of these strategies what you put into them.

Please feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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