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I would recommend the following strategies to get traffic to your website, can implement them for free (at the cost of some time) with a little smart work.

1) Social Media Posts

This lets you show off your content to more people and build an audience. These social media posts should show off what’s interesting about your content and engage viewers. You need to do some research on that.

2) Backlinking

Hyperlinks or web links connect one page or post with another page or post. While writing blogs, do not forget to mention the link to your main website. However, where and when to use backlinking depends on your situation.

3) Email Marketing

Sending promotional emails, offers, and newsletters through email has always been very effective. Although a conventional way of marketing, it continues to work very well.

Please check if these work for you. In the beginning, they worked for me but for a limited time. After getting suggestions from various techies, I found out that ultimately you need to spend some of your pocket money for a long term solution. But in the world full of black hat spammers, an ethical solution is a must. A friend who was an industry expert suggested that I try One Minute Free Traffic. I had a very good experience with OMFT. It gave me amazing results for minimum effort or headaches.

You may want to try this. Whatever you pick as your method, remember: minimal or no spending with awesome results matters the most.

Good Luck!!


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