How do I increase organic leads for my website?

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Lead generation is all about converting website visitors into customers. The conversion rates get better if the leads are organically driven. To generate more organic leads, the website content should be engaging, and every step in the customer journey process, priot to sales, needs to be aligned so that nothing feels out of place or unprofessional. Let’s discuss more.

There are many strategies to increase organic leads, assuming you have gotten your website traffic into a good state. You can adopt the following strategies for increasing organic leads:

1) Split test your lead capture forms:  Sometimes a form is too complicated, other times it could use more selling and copy. It often depends on the context of how people are reaching it. For example, if I were sending people to a lead capture page just from an ad, I would probably split test to see if a longer, more detailed page works better. The reason for that is ad traffic is usually going to be unfamiliar with me and what I sell. Compare that to the lead capture form people reach from clicking in the side bar or a link in one of your blog posts or email newsletters. Those people are more qualified, so chances are that lead capture form can be left simpler.

This is just one example. Look for ways that the traffic coming in to the page, based on what level of familiarity and introduction they have with you, would better serve them.

2) Create high-quality web content: High-quality website content that gives value to its visitors helps in generating more leads. The content should be engaging, such that the existing visitors bring more visitors to your website by word of mouth publicity. On top of that, some level of consistency will help a lot. Produce new content fairly regularly, ideally on specific days and times without fail. That way, people learn when to check in on you and you can expect a bigger and bigger organic search boost on each of those content days.

3) Perform SEO:  Search engine optimization of web content helps in listing your website in search results, which further assists in getting traffic to the website. By performing off-page and on-page SEO regularly, you can increase organic traffic, thereby also increasing organic leads.

4) Have a clear CTA: A call to action button is a button or a graphic, or even just a hyperlink, that tells the visitors to do something, such as click, buy, etc. It can be added onto lead magnets such as a free trial, ebook, subscriptions, etc. Having clear, eye-catchy CTAs increases organic leads.

5) Promotion on social media websites: Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. help bring traffic to a website as well as generate web leads. But you have to do so wisely. Most cold leads nowadays are generated from social media, as people spend most of their time there. By making engaging posts, using advertisements, and finding influencers to form joint venture promotion deals, you can get a bigger audience, including more qualified buyers.

By implementing the above strategies, you’ll get results over time. Since you seem to focus on organic leads, I would like to suggest List Warrior, which I have been using these days. I recommend it if you’re after email subscribers in particular.

In conclusion, increasing organic leads to a website requires the implementation of specific methods, but it mostly comes down to boosting organic traffic and testing to see what customer journey they find most appealing.

Please feel free to reply to me if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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