How do I make money with email marketing?

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A straightforward, but important question. Undoubtedly, email marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. But, not everyone makes the most out of it. I’ll get into a few actionable tips to make more money with email:

Here are seven ways in which you can make money from email marketing:

1) By segmenting your lists. There are many ways to segment lists into different groups of subscribers based on characteristics such as profile data, behavior, location, etc. For instance, the people who click on your email links a lot might get moved to a list that sends even more emails about a special opportunity.

2) By running email campaigns with specific goals.

3) Writing engaging email is a given. You need to have compelling, valuable content that doesn’t feel like click-baiting. This is why email copywriting is a high-income skill.

4) Using a specific set of sales techniques in your marketing and prospecting, and improving it with experience..

5) An eye-catching email template and CTAs.

6) By rewarding readers who open, click, etc. and with things they actually want, like useful information on something they very likely would want to know. It could be something funny, something inspiring, just come at it from the sense of actually making your emails worth following.

7) Down-selling, up-selling, and cross-selling through autoresponder funnels. There’s a lot to say on that, so look it up or ask me if you’re curious about this one.

Since email marketing is a subset of traditional marketing, people with experience in conventional marketing have an advantage. For anyone, though, making money through email is possible.

To make a good amount of money from email marketing, good enough to quit your day job, you should make sure to use a genuine email list of double-opt-in, interested followers. Do not purchase email lists from anyone, ever. It will be a massive waste of money and it’s unethical. To build an email list properly, I recommend the List Warrior(LW) method. I learned about it after interviewing a famous email marketer. If you are interested, you can read its review on my website.

Feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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