How do I strategize link building and content marketing for an affiliate marketing website?

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I have been into affiliate marketing for several years and can give you many suggestions from my experience with that. To be a successful affiliate marketer, your understanding and implementation of content marketing and link building strategies are mandatory. That’s something where many affiliate marketers drastically fail and start hating affiliate marketing.  But I would say, “No Hate, Just Affiliate!” How?

There is no doubt, once you get to know how to make the maximum amount of money from affiliate marketing, and you are successful in doing that, you won’t ever listen to someone who says ill for that. You would have a lot of reasons to praise for that. That’s my case. Before I increase the length of this answer in praising that, let’s come straight to the point.

For your convenience of understanding, I will separately suggest content marketing and link building strategies in this answer. I would assume that you are clear with the basics of that. In the end, by continuing the tradition of true affiliates, I won’t be reluctant in sharing how I am getting the maximum out of affiliate marketing.

Here are three content marketing strategies for an affiliate website:

1) Excellent Content:

With the easy availability of excessive content on the internet, people do not want to waste their time reading content that doesn’t appeal to them. In the initial days of content marketing, it worked when a 500-600 word article used to grab the attention if it had just a few eye-catchy lines or words. With growing competition, people’s expectations have increased. Top-quality content is capable of meeting those expectations. That takes skills, talent, and time to produce content that works. Of course, it’s possible. In case you lack somewhere, it would take time for you to develop the relevant skills: writing, selling, video making, etc.. Work on a little at a time and get better as you go along. Do not wait until you’re at a certain skill level to start, or you’re going to be discouraged and wish you started sooner.

2) Honesty:

Honesty is the best policy. That’s an age-old saying which remains valid in a situation when people are throwing it away for quick money. If you are running a review website with affiliate links, write honest reviews so that people trust you. Be very clear about potential issues or caveats to the things you are advertising. Your honesty should reflect clearly in your content and inspire people to trust you. What happens then? People come back and buy multiple things that you recommend.

3) Research: 

Research the products, their providers, and relevant aspects well before you start writing the content. Do NOT just pick a product or service to promote solely based on how much money you make per promotion. It’s just like keeping all the essentials ready on the kitchen shelf before you cook a delicious meal. You need a decent amount of many different ingredients, and earnings per action is just one ingredient. It may be something crucial, like the meat, but it’s still only one part of a balanced whole. If you’re not sure what that means, imagine these two scenarios:

1: An affiliate of a product that makes $500 per sale, but they can only get one sale for every 2,000 visitors.

2: An affiliate of a product that makes $50 per sale, and they get one sale for every 200 visitors.

These two will technically make the same amount of money for every 2,000 visitors, due to an equivalent sales to traffic ratio. So which is better? The answer is #2. Sales have a value of their own besides commission money. More sales means more customers, who can be sold more products for even more earnings. More sales also means more information, and more potential to scale up and try new things to do even better. A site that only gets a sale for every 2,000 visitors needs a lot of traffic in order to rack up a lot of sales and determine where to improve their numbers. A site making sales every day has a wealth of information on what they could try out to boost their earnings.

That is just one factor to consider. Proper research will also help you advertise things that actually vibe with you, making your promotional content more authentic and believable. A properly researched, authentic piece of content speaks for itself.

After knowing the above strategies for content marketing, let’s now discuss three strategies for link building:

1) Guest Blogging: 

This is a proven strategy for link building, and you can do it in many ways. Generally, you write posts for other sites and link it to your website. Traffic backlinking is a specific name for that. Don’t fall in love with guest blogging, though. There are people who swear by it, but it’s not everything. Look at multiple methods of authentic backlinking.

2) Social Media: 

When it comes to online marketing, social media is always a preferred choice. By sharing images, posts, and updates on your social media accounts, you can make the target audience visit your website and build a community around your brand, which I strongly recommend. Do not be a faceless affiliate, be a real person people trust. Social media is great for building your name.

3) Free Stuff: 

Offer something for free to the people you want as affiliate customers. By offering free, relevant items to people, you can make people visit your website, sign up for your email list, etc. If you want to take this to the next level, run giveaway contests. There are many popular websites where you can submit your giveaways. People are always keen to grab the freebies, and if you do it right, they will share them online, creating a snowball effect. By taking advantage of that, and listing giveaways on famous websites, you can get traffic to your affiliate websites.

To be honest, there are more strategies, but the above are my personal recommendation for you. By finding more on the above strategies and then implementing them in the right manner, you will soon be very happy every morning as you check your affiliate performance statistics. It is undeniable that for an affiliate website, web traffic is of utmost importance.

As noted earlier in this answer, I will now share how I earn maximum profits from my affiliate websites. By understanding the importance of website traffic for an affiliate website, I have tried and tested multiple ways of getting traffic. The One Minute Traffic Machines (OMTM) method serves that purpose well. If any method gets you web traffic and suggests strategies for content marketing and link building, all in one method, then for an affiliate marketer that’s a wish come true. OMTM meets those expectations, and I would not shirk in saying that I have been using it for a while and will continue doing so. The results so far have been amazing for me.

In conclusion, I would say, to succeed in affiliate marketing, you need to be adaptable and keep experimenting with new strategies over time.

Please feel free to reply to me if you need more information on OMTM or any of the points discussed above.

Good Luck!



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