How do you get traffic to a website from zero to ranking on Google?

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Getting traffic to a site and ranking that site in Google are separate matters, although usually related. So one’s not really an appropriate finish line for the other. To explain what I mean: A site might get no traffic despite ranking well on Google because it ranks for keywords that drive little or no traffic.

Therefore, I will assume you mean: How do you go from invisible and no traffic on your site to ranking that site #1 in each of its most powerful and important keywords in Google, and getting as much traffic as humanly possible as a result?

If that sounds good to you, then this explanation should prove useful.

For ranking in Google, the prime focus should be SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. Through SEO, the number of visitors to a website (traffic) can be increased by having a high ranking in the search results. The earlier you show up on those lists, the better chance each individual visitor will choose to visit your site, and the top page, particularly the #1 spot, for a keyword is huge.

Here are 10 strategies that I implement to drive traffic and rank my sites:

1) I write meta titles and descriptions for all the pages of my websites.

2) Before writing the content for the web pages, I identify target keywords, and then I use those keywords in the content. I make use of free and paid tools to identify such keywords.

3) I frequently implement outbound links, but not too much or to the wrong sites, which is important.

4) I try to also set up URLs, such as for blog posts, to include target keywords.

5) Since content writing is my hobby, I write long-form content and find ways to stretch out and maximize the impact and reach that content can have. Long-form is great because it allows you to establish credibility and relevance in several valuable keywords all at once, as long as they stay related and relevant in the context of your content, and what the site is for. Long-form also encourages investment. I know a lot of youtube channels I watched the longest are ones who I started with by watching a longer video and really enjoying it.

Content isn’t king, long-form content is king, and short-form content is his equally powerful queen. But that’s another topic.

6) I link all the pages of my website internally, which improves visits to the pages I linked to and overall session length per visitor. A low bounce rate helps in improving Google rankings. Some people (me) will spend hours reading stuff online, which is great for the SEO of that site since it proves to Google the site is trusted by that visitor.

A solid amount of long-session return visitors is what you want, in order to establish your credibility and authenticity as a site.

7) As a large number of internet users access the internet through mobile devices, I make sure the site is mobile-friendly.

8) Being a part-time blogger, I talk to many other bloggers, and whenever possible, I use my connections to build high-quality backlinks to my website. If you believe your site deserves to be at the top, you need to prove that to Google by getting some street cred from other, similar websites. But you have to do it properly, and not just get backlinks en masse, or you will ruin your website’s rankings.

9) I remain active in online discussion forums and groups, and as a result, it helps drive more traffic to my websites by sharing the links in relevant discussions.

10) I make use of social media websites to drive traffic. I do that by posting engaging, shareable, and high-quality content regularly.

The above strategies are common and can help to get traffic to most websites, but not always with as little time or effort involved as possible. That’s just reality, the sites that are treated like a more serious operation will have the highest chance of getting seen at the top of Google results pages. The more you play the game and check Google’s algorithm boxes, the more visitors and customers you can get, so it’s seriously worth committing to this path.

To implement the above strategies and many other relevant strategies effectively, and cut down on the waiting and headaches, a method that helps me is One Minute Free Traffic (OMFT). A specialized method, like OMFT, can help anyone grow traffic from zero. If you are interested, you can read its review on my website. All in all, if you take nothing else out of that list above, make it this: go long-form, consistently post and network, and implement social media for audience interaction and return traffic. Also, it’s going to take time and effort, but still like OMFT helps a lot.

Feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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