How does internet marketing help a business?

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In every way imaginable, because marketing, in general, helps a business in almost every way. Internet marketing, digital marketing, online marketing, it’s all the same thing: using the internet to get customers. And the internet is very good for that.

Marketing is essential for every business. In the last few years, internet marketing has overtaken conventional marketing methods. We’re well past switching to the digital age.

Let’s have a look at the following ten advantages of internet marketing over traditional marketing. You should still implement traditional marketing if it makes sense, of course, but here’s why you should never overlook online sales.

#1 Internet marketing is lower in cost, on average, per lead or sale.

#2 It offers a better Return On Investment (ROI) when compared to conventional marketing. Especially if you’re not doing great already. Online marketing is great for moving from beginner startup levels to real, profitable performance.

#3 Your performance is more measurable. Advertising is all about optimization. With traditional marketing strategies, business owners generally have to wait for weeks or even months to measure the progress of any campaign. Or, they may not receive any worthwhile information to split-test at all. Compare that to Google Analytics and the tools of different social ad systems.

#4 Better options to build relationships with groups of customers, such as through email subscriptions. AKA email marketing. Many people have made a living on just monetizing an email list of loyal fans or customers.

#5 Internet marketing helps with brand building faster. A business can build its name and reputation on various platforms on the internet, potentially reaching millions of people with a single post or action.

#6 Online marketing campaigns are shareable in many contexts. It provides a multiplication effect and a motivation boost, when you know your next blog post or whatever will get anywhere from 10-20 shares on average, to all sorts of different sites, and those shares might also get shared, and so on. And these numbers don’t stay the same. You can always build these often free, or at least cheap, advertising avenues so that they continue to perform better and get you more customers per month.

#7 Internet marketing offers more targeting. Unlike traditional marketing, in which you usually are forced to blast a message to a big but not-so-relevant audience, internet marketing campaigns can be offered to very specific, smaller, more valuable audiences. For fewer impressions overall, you can attract more ideal customers and close more sales, but it goes much further than that.

For instance, online we have re-targeting, which allows you to show ads to people who have seen one of your ads, your social content, or something like that once before, even when they aren’t on a site you normally advertise on. Imagine running a TV commercial, only the TV would know if a viewer was intrigued by the commercial, and would start playing it again on breaks, even on other channels, every so often for months, until they either bought what it was selling or ignored it enough times. That’s what we’re dealing with.

#8 Traditional marketing remains confined to a particular area in many cases. With internet marketing, a business can hit the global market, which means, a wider reach. Even if your business is locally focused, you can more easily hit nearby markets that would be difficult to reach out to physically.

#9 Internet marketing helps to take advantage of social media platforms. In the present scenario, most internet users check social media every day. Our current lockdown and political situation is obviously going to lead to more social media participation, so if everyone’s using something, why wouldn’t you use it to get attention?

#10 Internet marketing is more conducive to strong one-on-one relationships, such as with superfans, influencers, or fellow businesspeople in your niche. It’s been shown again and again that who you know matters in business. The more people who are your friends, and dogmatically on your side, the faster you will grow ahead of the competition. Most traditional marketing, while still offering some solid choices to network in this way, is usually less personal and more broad-scope. Think TV commercials over detailed customized email marketing campaigns.

All these advantages directly contribute to the success of any business. As I said earlier, you shouldn’t neglect traditional marketing entirely as if it’s dead. Of course, it’s not dead, but it is changing, and in a bit of a funk as old media like TV loses its appeal. But there are tons of ways to market, and many of them don’t even fall cleanly into traditional or online, they’re kind of both.

Basically, don’t ignore either, especially online.

Check out my Knowledge Base on my website for more on this stuff, and feel free to reply with any questions.

Good Luck!



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