How does selling web traffic work?

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It depends on what you mean. Any context where traffic is being paid for by the recipient is in some way selling web traffic. For instance, with Facebook ads or any other PPC ads, traffic comes to a specific page the marketer specifies, paying a fixed price for each individual visit.

Now, if you want to sell the traffic on your own site, as a way to monetize it, there are a couple of different ways.

Let’s get to it.

For selling web traffic, first of all, you need a website that gets a lot of traffic. Then, you have a few different choices. Here are a few examples, going past the generic umbrella terms of PPC or affiliate marketing.

#1 Cost Per Action (CPA):

You get paid when traffic you directed to a certain page performs a certain action for a business you are affiliated with. For example, you got an affiliate deal for subscribers from a cruise company, because you have a good travel blog. You direct some traffic from the blog to their page, and every to me someone subscribes to them, you get paid a fixed amount.

#2 Direct Ad Space Selling:

If your website gets a good number of visitors per day and lots of long sessions, then you can rent your website space, such as a spot on a sidebar, for clickable advertisements. There is a lot of earning potential here, but it requires an initial effort of attracting a good volume of daily visitors.

#3 Cost Per Mile (CPM):

In this model, you can sell ads in bundles of one-thousand impressions. Something like $10 per 1000 visitors who see the ad. The actual numbers vary depending on the niche, but basically, you are paid when you’re sure your site was used to display an ad, not when you are sure the ad converted a customer for the advertiser, so that’s nice. It’s a bit more secure on our side, as website owners.

#4 Pay Per Lead (PPL):

Basically the same thing as Cost Per Action (CPA), or just a more specific version of it. In this model, leads are sold in some form, and what form that takes could be a million different things. It could even be a direct word of mouth introductions on super-high-ticket services or products. Organic leads on an individual, high-ticket basis are ideal, but anything can work.

As an aside: never, ever sell an actual list of email subscribers. It’s PER lead, meaning that on an individual basis, each lead was found to be of some degree of value and “warmth” toward buying what the business sells. A list given all at once can’t possibly do such a thing, except in extremely specific circumstances, and it’s illegal most of the time anyway.

There are other options, too, but they’re more complicated and deserve a separate discussion.

As I said earlier, you’re going to need to get traffic if you want to monetize traffic. To get more traffic on your website, or maybe start getting your first regular daily visitors, you can implement a specialized method like One Minute Free Traffic (OMFT). I reviewed it in detail on my website. If you are interested, you can check it.

Feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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