How is keyword research helpful in gaining traffic for a website?

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Keyword research (KR) is a proven strategy to gain traffic to a website. Let’s discuss why.

Every time a person searches anything in Google, or Amazon, or any search engine website, it’s in the search engine’s best interest to deliver the best possible results to that person. Keyword research really just boils down to making it as likely as possible that search engines (mainly google) determine your site pages are:

1: Relevant to the search the person made

2: Are trustworthy and high quality

With research into the right kinds of keywords to use in web page content, the website is likely to get more traffic from higher positions in search engine result pages. Think of it like being an author, with your books in a store. Having a better SEO ranking is like your books getting moved closer to the front shelves, where most people pass by, instead of somewhere further into the back.

KR involves the identification of words and phrases, which internet users frequently enter into search engines. After identifying and adding those keywords in the website content, the chances of the website listing in the search engine results get better. KR helps in providing direction to the optimization efforts.

A lot of people who don’t do SEO think that it is gaming the system, but nothing could be further from the truth. Google wants the websites it indexes to police and perfect themselves, to rank themselves properly for the best kind of audience, because that all leads to people having a better experience using Google. If sub-optimal sites that aren’t very useful are getting ranked for certain terms, when better sites that haven’t done any SEO are stuck lower down and not getting seen, that isn’t good for anybody.

KR is not just about knowing the frequency of searches, though. It is more about the different ways and patterns of search. It’s about how people search for a topic or an idea. Someone who searches for “pest control near me” is probably not in the same situation as someone typing “pest control emergency help now” and so different pages with different purposes should be ranked for them. For content writers, this stuff is an essential baseline for good content marketing. It gives ideas for new posts, based on the needs of the audience. It’s not just a one-time task by changing one little thing here or there on existing web pages. Since the ways of searching keep on changing, one should do KR regularly, implementing it into all new web content.

To do KR, you start with a “seed.” Basically the topic, idea, or main keyword you know you’re going to work around. Then, other relating words are also collected and a spreadsheet is made. One does that by his/her prior knowledge, internet research, through activities in online communities, etc. After a good list is built, then with the help of free and paid tools, the search patterns and frequencies are explored. Based on the results, content is designed. Usually, in a content production chain by a decent-sized company, someone will handle keyword research and “ideation” as it’s called all on their own, and then deliver good content ideas and the instructions on how to create the content to rank a certain term all go to the writer.

On successful implementation of content like this, repeatedly, the trust rating of the website improves and the website gains more traffic from higher search results. It’s not just about more potential customers or visitors, either. Being higher in results pages means joint venture partners, like similar websites to yours, can find you and contact you if they like what you’re doing. There are all kinds of advantages to being higher up in result pages.

So yeah, this was a pretty speedy run-down, but this is how KR works.

In addition to KR, there are many other ways to get traffic to a website that is worth implementing. Per my experience, one should use all possible ways, at least to test more opportunities over time. If I were to suggest a specific method to gain web traffic that relates to KR concepts, it would be One Minute Free Traffic (OMFT).

Please feel free to reply to me if you need more clarification.

Good Luck!



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