How long does it take to have organic traffic on a website?

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It takes time to build a stream of organic traffic, but it provides long term benefits that are well worth it.

The problem is that these questions have no reliable answer. For web traffic, to clearly say that someone would get ‘X’ amount of traffic in ‘Y’ days, is not possible. No one can guarantee such a claim unless it has been demonstrated once already by the same site. With a new site, it’s totally up in the air.

The traffic to a website depends on many factors: quality of content, implementation of traffic building strategies, effort, congruent branding, etc. Per my experience, with reasonable efforts of an hour a day, it generally takes four to six months to see results that actually matter. To be clear, that’s just my observation, based on experience in certain niches, with my own websites and the sites of friends or those I’ve worked with. Can you go faster? Sure. It’s about how many of your ducks are in a row, as they say.

Let’s discuss more.

By the way, is there any particular number of visitors you want to see? I mean to say, we all start from zero traffic. To some, 10-12 visitors per day within the first month is great, and some people expect 100 visitors in a day, within the first 30 days. It largely depends on why your site is for and what you intend to do with your traffic. After reading this answer, don’t forget to reply to me on that. Now let’s proceed.

Organic traffic is an investment. There are many stories of people working hard and seeing very fast results, sometimes within only a week. Then, it also depends upon how big your niche is. If anyone starts with an uncommon, low demand niche, then there is a possibility that his/her website might never be searched for very often. The flip side is also possible, that you targeted a big niche but have not narrowed down your appeal. A health and fitness website is never going to stand out in today’s marketplace, but a weight loss website for older men might work, because it’s more likely to have certain keywords that the audience are searching, which aren’t too competitive to rank for. . Another important factor is the domain name. If it contains in-demand keywords, then it is likely it would get some traffic. Good domains can be tricky, though, so I wouldn’t rely on that as a cure to a traffic problem.

People are often not aware of what kind of traffic strategies are required for their websites to succeed. As a result, they end up using general fixes for specialized problems. The overall results remain below expectations. It’s like trying to use a wooden plank instead of a hammer to pound nails. Both can strike things, but one is undeniably better at driving nails, so you need to use specialized tools for your specific situation. That applies to traffic methods as much as anything else online.

If you are aware of the basics of web traffic, then you’re already a ways ahead of most people. In my latest article, I have discussed the ways of getting online traffic, and how to actually pick one that works for you in particular. My post: “Hunt Down The Three Little Pigs of Online Traffic”, can be helpful for anyone who wants to know about building website traffic effectively.

In conclusion, have patience and keep on doing your part. It’s a fact, hard work pays off. For sure, you will get the results you want if you find something that works, even a little, and keep doing it. There are very few magic bullets out there for building a platform online, and usually they are only available to massive marketers who have already built a platform. For a beginner, you have to put in some consistent reps, just like working out. Find something that gets you a little traffic, that you like to do, and repeatedly do it.

Please feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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